termite treatment

termite treatmentMost people think that one termite treatment in the spring is “good enough” for the year. While one treatment is sufficient for the season, in no way is a singular treatment going to stop termites during other times of the year.

Further, fall is prime swarming season; when winged male and female termites seek out new places to set up colonies and destroy structures.

This is why treating during this time of year is most important. Stopping the spread of termites before they can start a new colony inhibits their spread, and protects your home.

What to Look For

Because a termite only needs a 1/32″ wide crack for entry, diligence is key to stopping them, and one of the best defenses a homeowner has against termites is visual cues. Knowing what to look out for helps prevent colony migration, and helps you mitigate entry points so future infestations are not possible.

Look out for cracks in:

– Your foundation.

– Expansions joints.

– Any hollow walls.

– In walls and piers.

Cracks can easily become a source of entry as termites set up mud tunnels. To prevent this, either seal cracks or keep a close on ones you can’t seal right away.

Be the Difference

To help stop termite entry, as a homeowner, stopping them before they become a problem lessens their chances of destroying everything in their path.

– Make sure that there is a lack of food sources available.

– Call a professional to have moisture problems repaired.

Simple steps like these will help ensure that you don’t accidentally attract these pests, but nothing replaces a professional termite service.

If you think you have termites, or would like to speak to someone about having your home protected from termites, please contact us any time for more information.