termite treatment

termite knowledge

The idea of termite treatment is undoubtedly confusing to laypersons. People wonder if it’s a DIY job and whether or not over-the-counter liquids and baits may help. They’re also curious if it’s a one-time, treat it and forget it affair. As termite treatment experts, we can assure you that it’s not a procedure laypeople should try to complete on their own. Why? In order to be effective, it often requires a multifaceted, series of well-placed, industrial or commercial grade products.

Furthermore, industrial and commercial grade products must be matched to the species of termite because not all insects are created the same. Let’s quickly look at an assortment of termite baits as examples of why professional assistance is needed, shall we? There are typically above ground and below ground baits available within the termite treatment industry.

The below ground are often used to locate hidden nests whereas the above ground variety frequently come in handy when homeowners have already stumbled across termite colonies. Thus, the latter tends to be the quicker of the two extermination methods because it doesn’t involve the age-old game of hide and seek. However, just like the underground method, it requires constant vigilance on the part of the designated exterminator.

Why constant vigilance? To begin with, colonies may deplete the bait containers but continue to thrive. This may happen due to the use of the wrong product or not enough of the right one. Thus, frequent replenishment and checks on the size of the colony should be standard parts of any termite treatment plan in our area. Plus, exterminators must be willing to change tactics mid stream, if necessary. Understandably, all of that activity requires a depth and breadth of termite knowledge not typically seen in people who do not hunt insects for a living. To speak with a treatment experts about baits and other termite extermination methods, please contact us.