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How Do Termites Respond to the Summer?

People and animals react to the seasons in different ways. For example, some species eat from spring through fall so that they can sleep all winter. Others manage to eke out survival by working during the warm weather to hide food for the cold weather. Then there is the SUPERMAN-like termite. These bugs don’t sleep, nor do they store away food. Instead, the workers in the colony will eat all day long every day of the year. This resilient bug…

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How to Notice if Termites Have Returned to Your Property

You have fought the good fight. After much struggle, you have defeated the pesky termite. No longer will this wood-chewing pest make a meal out of your house. At least, you want to believe this. However, termites don’t realize when you have hung out the ‘No Vacancy’ sign. They will reappear and re-infest your home, and there isn’t much you can do about it. Or is there? The reality is that your battle at a pest-free home will only be…

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Where Do Termites Like to Live and Hide?

Do you play Hide and Seek with your children or grandchildren? They run into another room and hide while you count and then try to find them. It’s a fun game for humans. There is nothing fun about the game when the one’s hiding are termites. These wood-boring bugs love to hide in your floor joists and rafters. The problem is these pests are extremely skilled at covering their tracks and staying hidden. When they are ultimately found, they have…

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How Do Termites Respond to the Spring?

Termites cause damage to homes all year long. If they infest your house, they will continue to eat 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Yet, they also have slightly different habits depending on the season. Spring seems to be the most active time for these pests. Summer months bring some issues to a colony. Fall is a perfect time for swarming for some types of these bugs, and winter is a little less hectic but still busy. So…

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Beware of “Swarmers”!

When you think of the swarmers, what comes to your mind? For those in the pest control industry, it represents thousands of bugs taking over your home. Yet, the term means more than an existing group of pests. It means that a colony of termites breaks off into chunks, enabling more and more termite babies (i.e., larvae) to be born. The more that are hatched, the more trouble your structure may face. In other words, swarmers mean big problems for…

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Why You Can Have Termite Treatments Any Time of Year – Even Winter!

When most of us think of winter, we envision cold temperatures and animals hibernating. The whole earth slows down, and some inhabitants sleep. The worst thing to be wary of is bitterly cold and inclement weather. Actually, there is something else you should keep alert for. A nefarious beast is bent on destroying your home 365 days a year. It’s the termite. It eats all the time and does not stop for a long winter’s nap. Just when you thought…

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