What Attracts Termites to Your Home?

There is a predator out there that causes billions of dollars each year in damage. Its appetite for destruction is insatiable, and it may have its sights set on your home. Yes, the humble termite wants to eat everything in its path, and you may …

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Kickoff the Summer Termite Free

You have probably heard of the term “swarmers.” It refers to those termites that are capable of reproducing. They come out in spring looking for a new place in which to build a colony. When you see that, you know there is trouble coming because …

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Show Termites Who’s the Boss!

No one wants to lose their home to the ravages of an invasion. You install fences, gates, retaining walls, doors, and windows, to secure your home. Unfortunately, none of those deter termites; they pose the biggest ongoing threat to the integrity of your structure. They …

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Look Closer: 5 Signs Your House Has Termites

No one wants to find termites infesting their home. Most of us don’t realize that we have a pest problem until the damage is extensive. They do leave behind some signs. It takes a trained eye, but you can keep on top of things and …

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