Back to Basics: Termites 101 – The Various Types

Fall is the time when kids go back to school. It is also a fantastic time for adults to take a step back and do some learning themselves. How about some insights into the wood-eating insect that causes billions of dollars in damage each year in the United States alone? In this series of articles, we will visit the diligent, relentless termite. You will learn about the different types, their habitat preferences, and reproduction cycles. Why? Because knowledge is power,…

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Back to Basics: Termites 101 – The Life Cycle

Learning allows you to recharge your grey cells and grow as a person. This article helps you learn more by continuing our series covering the basics of termites, with a lesson about their life cycle. Who knew that these bugs could be as entertaining as they are destructive? Let’s face it. We often think of these guys as mindless wood-eating zombies that are bent on world domination by eating our homes. In reality, they are a vital part of Mother…

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