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How Long Does It Take to Kill a Termite Colony?

In a world of instant messages, fast food, and quick endings to a favorite television show episode, many of us figure it should not take long to kill a termite colony. By the standards of our fast-paced world, effective elimination of these insects is kind of like snail mail in the pest control world, since it can take a few days. However, termite control in your Oakland home takes more than applying some chemicals to your foundation. There is a…

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When is the Best Time of Year to Begin Pest Control?

When is the Best Time of Year to Begin Pest Control? There is no “wrong” time to begin termite control. These wood-boring, cellulose-eating machines never sleep. All they need is a 24/7 food source such as wood frames, drywall, and furniture in a home. When they reproduce or swarm, your troubles are just beginning. The key to fighting your foe is with regular inspections. Protect your investment by scheduling termite inspections by the professionals at Times Up Termite. We are…

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Keep Your Home Pest Free – Avoid these Common Practices

Keep Your Home Pest Free – Avoid these Common Practices — Useful Tips from Fremont’s Trusted Termite Inspection Company Your home is your castle; you will do anything you can to defend it from invaders. To keep the neighborhood dogs out of the yard, you may put up a fence. Upkeep is crucial as well to ensure your house will stand up to whatever Mother Nature has to offer. Regularly cutting the lawn, raking leaves, and planting flowers make for…

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5 Common Myths About Termites

5 Common Myths About Termites – Useful Information from Your Trusted Fremont Termite Control Company We have all heard them – those wives tales and rhymes that have us thinking twice before we step on a crack just in case it may break someone’s back. Over the years, myths and legends have crept into our thinking giving many false impressions on how life operates. For example, if you pull out one gray hair, two will take its place, or spilling…

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Will I Need Termite Control for My Oakland Home in Winter?

Will I Need Termite Control for My Oakland Home in Winter? Colder weather means that it is time for Mother Nature’s creatures to wind down and get ready for hibernation; unless you are a termite!Yes, while bears, chipmunks, skunks, bees, snakes, and groundhogs are bedding down, these wood-boring pests show no signs of stopping. Instead of breathing a sigh of relief until summer, homeowners need to keep a sharp eye out for signs of damage even as the temperature drops.…

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How to Tell If I Have Termites in My Home?

Signs for Identifying Termites Signs of a potential termite infestation should not be ignored. If a termite infestation is neglected or goes unnoticed, the cost to repair the damages of a termite infestation only goes up. Annually, homeowners spend billions of dollars in termite repairs and treatment. Avoid breaking the bank on home repairs by getting a termite inspection and treatment in the Oakland bay area. There is often evidence of termite infestations. If you know what to look for,…

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Termite Inspection and Treatment for Shared Wall Properties in Berkeley

What You Should Know About Inspecting Condos and Duplexes Annually, homeowners spend billions of dollars in termite repairs and treatments of termite infestations. Termites do not discriminate and will eat all types of cellulous regardless of the type of property. Termites frequently infest condos and duplexes in addition to single family homes, mobile homes, commercial buildings etc. Shared walls make it easier for termites to travel from one unit to the next. Subterranean termites that live in the ground can…

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Termites Flying in Your House? Here’s What’s Happening

Are termites flying around in your house? Flying termites can present a serious problem. It’s not the winged termites themselves that do the damage; it’s what they indicate and produce. They may indicate the need for termite treatment. Only some termites fly. It happens once a year, usually in early spring, though the actual season varies for each species. The sexually advanced male and female termites leave the colony in search for more space. Flying termites are a sign of…

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Termite Treatment: Outsmarting a Smart Creature

The average person does not like to think about termites, and when they must, the thoughts are certainly not positive. Since termites have a longstanding reputation for being destructive creatures, we often think of them as being an enemy to be obliterated, and rightly so. However, researchers and scientists have, over the years, noted the extreme intelligence of these hungry creatures. For example, termites, in their quest to find sustenance, have been observed devouring the corks of wine bottles. This…

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Termite Treatment Expert Debunks Four Common Myths about Termites

There’s a lot of misinformation about termite behavior floating around the Internet. Acting on these myths renders your efforts of protecting your home against termites ineffective and may even make the problem worse. Here are four myths we would like to dispel: My Brick Home’s Exterior Will Protect It from Termites Termites can penetrate concrete and brick through small cracks that can lead them to the wood structure of your house. These external cracks are often difficult to see. However,…

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