Termite Treatment: Outsmarting a Smart Creature

The average person does not like to think about termites, and when they must, the thoughts are certainly not positive. Since termites have a longstanding reputation for being destructive creatures, we often think of them as being an enemy to be obliterated, and rightly so. However, researchers and scientists have, over the years, noted the extreme intelligence of these hungry creatures. For example, termites, in their quest to find sustenance, have been observed devouring the corks of wine bottles. This…

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Termite Inspections: A Historical Perspective

It is no secret that termites are born to destroy. The havoc an active colony can wreak on a wooden structure often goes undetected until significant damage has been done. The French military leader, Napoléon Bonaparte learned this the hard way when one of the ships built under his command became so thoroughly infested that it compromised the integrity of the wooden vessel. In the early 1800’s, the great warship le Génois had to be taken out of service and destroyed because…

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Dry Wood Termites” Signs Your Need to Schedule An Inspection

When you think about termites, the first kind that comes to mind is probably subterranean termites, which live below ground and tunnel their way towards your home. However, there is another type of termite that’s quite common along the west coast: drywood termites. Here are three early signs these pests may be damaging your home. Swarmers Drywood termites go through a life stage during which they develop wings. During this time, they tend to appear in large swarms as they…

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Will You Get a “Clean Bill of Health” With Your Termite Inspection

Have you ever wondered what information you actually receive when you have a termite inspection done? While you’ve probably been told you’ll receive a WDI report (a.k.a. NPMA-33), what is this? So many questions you need answers for so you know what you’re being told. A WDI (Wood Destroying Insect/Infestation Report) never gives a home a clean bill of health. Instead, when inspectors fill this form out correctly you’ll discover there’s no box on the form that says a structure…

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Termite Treatment Expert Debunks Four Common Myths about Termites

There’s a lot of misinformation about termite behavior floating around the Internet. Acting on these myths renders your efforts of protecting your home against termites ineffective and may even make the problem worse. Here are four myths we would like to dispel: My Brick Home’s Exterior Will Protect It from Termites Termites can penetrate concrete and brick through small cracks that can lead them to the wood structure of your house. These external cracks are often difficult to see. However,…

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