How Long Does It Take to Kill a Termite Colony?

In a world of instant messages, fast food, and quick endings to a favorite television show episode, many of us figure it should not take long to kill a termite colony. By the standards of our fast-paced world, effective elimination of these insects is kind of like snail mail in the pest control world, since it can take a few days. However, termite control in your Oakland home takes more than applying some chemicals to your foundation. There is a…

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10 Facts about Drywood Termites and When to Call for Termite Control in Fremont

Across the United States, termites cause millions of dollars in damage to building structures. Unlike the funny termite characters in a cartoon show, termites are equal opportunity wood chewers! One type of termite called the drywood termite not only loves to make their home out of your home, they will even take up residence in a favorite piece of furniture. Once you understand some facts about these wood-destroying pests, you can be aware of what to look for, and when…

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Californians Better Put Termite Repair on Their Post-Storm Cleanup Lists

No doubt that the last few, AccuWeather forecasts have had Californians on their toes. We’ve all seen what Hurricane Matthew did to the east and similar could happen here if we continue to get hammered with typhoon related damage. And the storms aren’t all residents will likely have to contend with. There is also the increased potential for post-storm damage, namely termites. Termites May Take Higher Ground Unfortunately, history has shown us that termites have no problem surviving typhoons and…

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Springtime: Time for Termite Inspections

Termite Inspections With warmer climate coming close to, San Francisco Bay Area termites will certainly be swarming quickly. Although they can and even will swarm at other times, spring has the tendency to bring the destructive bugs out in force. So currently is the moment for location citizens to arrange termite evaluations and also watch for alates. Despite the fact that they are no much less damaging, they differ in appearance from employees and also soldiers in several crucial means.…

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Termite Treatment with a Tenant Living in Your Rental Home?

Termite Treatment While it is certainly easier to upgrade your rental property after a tenant moves out, you do need to resolve certain issues when the property is still occupied. If you end up having a termite problem, you should not hesitate to get termite treatment while a tenant is still living there, even if they have to vacate for some time. Better to Tackle the Problem Right Away A termite infestation will not just get better on its own.…

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Termite Repair: It’s More Than Just Clearing Away the Corpses

Termite Repair Do the corpses of subterranean or drywood termites smell? In a word, the common response is “no.” After death, their exoskeletons generally dry out and get hard. As such, they don’t give off the traditional smell of rotting flesh. But that doesn’t mean dead termite colonies should be ignored. Once a colony is destroyed, timely termite repair is of the essence. You may ask, “If their corpses don’t rot in the traditional sense of the word, why is that…

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Termite Inspections Help Keep Bay Area Home Safe and Sound

Termite inspections It’s no secret that we live in a region well-known for its termite populations. They love the weather as much as we do and perhaps even more. While most of us balk at the area’s average, 74% relative humidity and persistent fog, termites crave it. All of that moisture seeps through their exoskeleton, thereby keeping them hydrated. They need that to survive and breed. Members of the destructive species are also partial to air temperatures in the 75…

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Termite Treatment :Whole House or Localized

Termite Treatment Although you might be disappointed to find out that termites have infested your home, at least to some extent, acquiring this knowledge is what allows you to take the necessary steps to get rid of these pests. Since you want to get reliable results, professional termite treatment is the way to go, and this is where you will have to decide whether to get whole-structure or localized services. Localized Takes Care of Known Infestations When a professional does a thorough…

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Termite Inspections: Get One Before Listing Your Home

Termite Inspections While you may be tempted to save time and money from the already time-consuming process of getting your home ready to sell, skipping a termite inspection is not where you should save time. Even if you are confident that there are no termites in your home, your word does not carry much weight at all compared to termite inspections when it comes to showing properties to potential home buyers. Catch a Termite Problem If There Is One If there…

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Oakland Termite Inspector Gives Some Fun Facts About Termites

Termites have been around for millions of years, long before there were houses to destroy. Believe it or not, when termites aren’t infesting homes, they serve a greater purpose on the Earth. So while your home may be a welcome haven for an unwelcome guest, the natural ecosystem benefits from them because of their unique ability to breakdown dead and dying trees, speeding up the natural decaying process of wood and contributing to the health of the forest. Here are…

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