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“It’s Winter! I Don’t Need a Termite Inspection in Oakland” – Wrong!

Winter is the perfect time to head to the mountains for skiing or snuggling up with a good book. Generally, it is not a time for planting new flowers, painting outbuildings, or conducting repairs to your property. You may not even think about household pests like ants, silverfish, or worse, termites, invading your home. The reality is, winter does not mean termites go into hibernation like bears. They have no respect for seasons and are year-round destroyers of homes. No…

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Noticing Strange Flies? They May Be Drywood Termite Swarmers!

–A Timely Termite Inspection in Oakland Can Catch an Infestation Have you noticed some strange looking flies lately? Maybe you have seen what you think look like flying ants. For the sake of your home and furnishings, it pays to take a second look and even get a professional opinion. It is possible that what you are seeing is neither a fly, nor an ant, but instead, you could be seeing flying drywood termites. Just because you find a few…

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How to Tell If I Have Termites in My Home?

Signs for Identifying Termites Signs of a potential termite infestation should not be ignored. If a termite infestation is neglected or goes unnoticed, the cost to repair the damages of a termite infestation only goes up. Annually, homeowners spend billions of dollars in termite repairs and treatment. Avoid breaking the bank on home repairs by getting a termite inspection and treatment in the Oakland bay area. There is often evidence of termite infestations. If you know what to look for,…

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Termite Inspection and Treatment for Shared Wall Properties in Berkeley

What You Should Know About Inspecting Condos and Duplexes Annually, homeowners spend billions of dollars in termite repairs and treatments of termite infestations. Termites do not discriminate and will eat all types of cellulous regardless of the type of property. Termites frequently infest condos and duplexes in addition to single family homes, mobile homes, commercial buildings etc. Shared walls make it easier for termites to travel from one unit to the next. Subterranean termites that live in the ground can…

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Poor Yard Drainage Can Cause Termite Infestation

A common but good piece of advice about avoiding termite problems is removing dead wood, dying trees, and other “termite temptations” off your yard. However, there is another temptation for subterranean termites: wet soil. Subterranean termites are a highly invasive and destructive species that are drawn to moist soil. Whether a storm turns your yard into a swamp, or a leaky faucet is creating a wet patch of ground near your house, both conditions invite termites into your home. Keep your…

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Termite Inspections: A Historical Perspective

It is no secret that termites are born to destroy. The havoc an active colony can wreak on a wooden structure often goes undetected until significant damage has been done. The French military leader, Napoléon Bonaparte learned this the hard way when one of the ships built under his command became so thoroughly infested that it compromised the integrity of the wooden vessel. In the early 1800’s, the great warship le Génois had to be taken out of service and destroyed because…

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Dry Wood Termites” Signs Your Need to Schedule An Inspection

When you think about termites, the first kind that comes to mind is probably subterranean termites, which live below ground and tunnel their way towards your home. However, there is another type of termite that’s quite common along the west coast: drywood termites. Here are three early signs these pests may be damaging your home. Swarmers Drywood termites go through a life stage during which they develop wings. During this time, they tend to appear in large swarms as they…

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Will You Get a “Clean Bill of Health” With Your Termite Inspection

Have you ever wondered what information you actually receive when you have a termite inspection done? While you’ve probably been told you’ll receive a WDI report (a.k.a. NPMA-33), what is this? So many questions you need answers for so you know what you’re being told. A WDI (Wood Destroying Insect/Infestation Report) never gives a home a clean bill of health. Instead, when inspectors fill this form out correctly you’ll discover there’s no box on the form that says a structure…

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Why You Should Have a Termite Inspection Before Buying a Home

Termite Inspections There are so many things to be done before purchasing a home, and one of the things that you might not have thought about is hiring a professional for a termite inspection. In fact, you might think that this type of thing will be handled during the regular home inspection, so you might not think that it’s necessary. Although a home inspector may look for some signs of termite damage, it’s best to hire a pro who specializes in…

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Free Termite Inspections for Your Home

Termite Inspections Think you’re safe from termites because you don’t live in a house constructed of wood? Think again! No matter the type of home you live in, you’re susceptible to these nasty, little bugs. They will feed on your wood frames, wooden cabinets, any wood-based furniture you own, and more. If you’ve seen buckling wood, sagging walls, or small piles of shed wings, you might be infested. Sometimes homeowners even mistakenly think that termite damage is actually water damage,…

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