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Can Termites Move into Your New Home…from Your Current Home?

Moving to a new home is exciting. The fun begins with the anticipation of packing boxes then loading the moving truck. Next on the list is unpacking everything and situating your belongings in their new places. Finally, you can sit down to rest and take pleasure in your accomplishment. Can’t you feel the smile spreading across your face while you think about it? This is a clean, fresh start with nothing following you. At least, that is what you think.…

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Who’s Eating Your Clothes? It Could Be Termites in Your Fremont Home!

Who’s Eating Your Clothes? It Could Be Termites in Your Fremont Home! Remember that little black dress you bought in the hope of wearing it this holiday season? Now is a great time to get it out, freshen it up, and check for holes from termites. Wait! Termites? Yes, those wood-boring pests that eat through wood also enjoy the cellulose in natural cloth fibers like cotton. Cotton has cellulose in it – that organic material found in plants. Often as…

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Foods Termites Love! Is Your Fremont Home their Buffet Table?

The holiday season is fast approaching. Soon parties and entertainment will abound, and so will the food. Imagine sitting down to feast on a couch leg or a platter of newspapers. Sound appetizing? If you were a termite, this scenario might feel like heaven. For a homeowner, it is a nightmare. Don’t think that having a brick or stucco home leaves you safe, either. There is a buffet for these pesky invaders just waiting in the walls of your home…

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Termites

Year after year, termites chow down on homes across the country causing billions of dollars in damage. Families across the world find these insects to be serious pests. Wood on top of and inside the structure of homes, as well as, personal belongings are susceptible to the ravenous appetite of these creatures. Sometimes confused with ants, termites differ in their physical makeup, behavior, and biology. They are exciting insects that do benefit the environment. That is when you can get…

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Prevent Termite Infestation – Build or Renovate with Termite Resistant Materials

Deciding to build a new home or renovate your existing house requires more than a good architect and builder. No amount of strategic engineering will matter if your new addition becomes infested with termites. Imagine sitting down to watch a family movie and hear the faint crunching noise of these burrowing pests in your walls. It gives a new meaning to “surround sound”! Overcoming the damage caused can cost thousands of dollars and weeks of headaches. The good news is…

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Fast Facts: What You Need to Know About Termites ̶ Understanding Termite Infestation in Berkeley

Termites single-handedly cause billions of dollars in damage each year in the United States. It is incredible how a tiny creature can wreak so much havoc on your home and belongings; yet, these insects from the Crustacean Period help Mother Nature. By eating dead and decaying wood, they assist in the process of decomposition. It seems like they are quite handy – would you agree? The problem occurs when these tiny cellulose eaters get too close to our homes and…

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Build a Strong Foundation for Your New Home with Pre-Treatment for Termite Control

Building your dream house is one of the most amazing experiences you can have. The steps to creating the perfect family haven begin with choosing an architect and finding a floorplan. Next comes all the fun of sorting through colors and textures for your bathroom tile, kitchen cabinets, and living room carpet. Each room painstakingly mulled over to get the effect you seek. To last through the decades, every structure needs a solid foundation. No matter the type, crawl space…

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Spring is the Best Time to Nip Termite Infestation in the Bud ̶ Here’s More on Termite Control in Berkeley

There is never a wrong time to conduct a pest inspection. Spring is especially good as insects respond to the warmer weather by reproducing rapidly. Ants clean out their hills from the winter freeze. Bees gather nectar to feed their larvae. Termites, in particular, take this season to leave their colonies in swarms, mate, multiply, and find new nests to build. Not sure if you have termites? Here’s how to find them. Look out for the “swarmers”, the termites with…

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Spring is a Time for Love… and Termite Control in Oakland. Learn More

Ah! Spring is here. Warmer weather brings new beginnings for many things. Flower blossoms open. Tree branches bud. Love is in the air. Calves are born. Eggs hatch revealing new chicks. Termites swarm. Wait! Termites swarm? Yes. The warmer weather brings these pesky wood eaters out of hiding, ready to reproduce aggressively. Many homeowners do not realize that these wood boring bugs may have taken up residence on their premises years before. Understanding the life cycle of termites is a…

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“I Can Handle Termite Control for My Berkeley Home” – Don’t Make that Mistake!

With so many popular do-it-yourself shows on the television, it is easy to assume that a homeowner can do anything and everything by themselves. Sure, you may be capable of building a new deck, redecorating a room, or do some outdoor landscaping; but that does not mean you should do everything yourself. For example, rewiring your new room addition should be left to a licensed electrician. Another job best left to the seasoned experts for your Berkley home is termite…

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