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DIY Versus Professional Termite Control

From changing the oil in your car to fixing a broken garbage disposal, many people prefer to do as many things on their own as possible. Perusing the Internet will uncover a plethora of videos to help you fix a leaky faucet, set up solar panels, and build a campfire with two sticks and a shoestring. There are several items you can do without hiring out the service. One thing on your “honey-do” list should not be left to DIY-ing.…

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Know Your Enemy Before You Try to Defeat It!

Bugs all look the same, don’t they? Unless you are an entomologist, you may agree. For the vast majority of us, they all look gross. Yet, each creature has different mandibles, abdomens, and responsibilities in the animal kingdom. Honeybees cross-pollinate flowers. Dung beetles keep excrement at bay. Many are sources of food for larger animals as well. The problem we experience is when outside animals find their way inside and start destroying our houses, apartment buildings, and businesses. Before you…

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I Think We Have a Termite Problem! What Should I Do?

Have you been cleaning one day and noticed that the dust around your window sill looks different – like little pellets? Maybe you have seen some wings but have not found flying ants. It is possible you have a termite infestation in your home that is making good use of the wood in your property. If you believe you have these wood-boring pests, there are a few things you can do to control the termites in your Castro Valley home.…

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Best Practices of Termite Exterminators

Termite Exterminators Detecting the presence of termites in your home or rental property is crucial if you are trying to protect the value of your investment. These destructive creatures are able to subtly wreak havoc on a property in a very short period of time. Signs of a termite infestation may go unnoticed and undetected for years, allowing these vicious creatures ample opportunity to perform devastatingly destructive work on the structure of a building. Knowing what to watch for, and…

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Times Up Termite, Inc. provides termite inspection, treatment and repair service to all of Alameda and Contra Costa County cities including Alameda, Alamo, Albany, Antioch, Ashland, Berkeley, Brentwood, Castro Valley, Cherryland, Clayton, Concord, Danville, Dublin, El Sobrante, El Cerrito, Emeryville, Fremont, Hercules, Lafayette, Livermore, Martinez, Moraga, Newark, Oakland, Oakley, Orinda, Piedmont, Pinole, Pittsburg, Pleasant Hill, Pleasanton, Richmond, San Leandro, San Lorenzo, San Pablo, Sunol, Union City and Walnut Creek.