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Fall Maintenance Steps to Prevent an Infestation

Homeowners nationwide take pains to keep their houses in great shape to ensure decades of enjoyment. They will spend spring weekends cleaning up and refreshing landscape beds. Summer is regular lawn care, and fall is for prepping for winter. Inside, they may clean and declutter, make necessary repairs, and swap out seasonal decorations. From the surface, all looks good and tidy. Few would expect a pest to be trashing their hard work, but termites often infest a home before the…

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Invest in Your Home with Regular Termite Inspections

Do you think of your home as your castle? Are you ready to battle any foe that attempts to breach the walls? A wood-chewing pest may be infiltrating your secure fortress, and you wouldn’t know it. They are stealthy and are happy to wreak havoc on your home 24 hours a day, seven days a week. By the time they are done, they can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your structure, and that’s before you realize they are…

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Do Termites Infest Commercial Buildings?

You hear about pests infesting homes. Each year wood-chewing insects do billions of dollars in damage to houses. Given that most commercial buildings are regularly cleaned and maintained, it’s easy to assume they may be immune to the effects of bugs like termites. That is far from true. Even with well-maintained landscaping and structures, these relentless bugs will infest any space that offers the right ingredients to encourage their colonization. An experienced and reliable termite treatment company can ensure your…

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You Can Speak Termite: A Simple Glossary to Understand Termites and Treatments

What do you know about termites? Most people understand that these are wood-eating bugs that cause thousands of dollars in damage to homes. That’s true. They are also known as Mother Nature’s cleaners in the wild. Yet, for years, homeowners have tried to fight these pests, keep them from invading structures, and remain where they belong. If you have an infestation, you will want them out immediately. That’s when you call the professionals to conduct a termite inspection of your…

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Do All Treatments Work the Same on Termites?

A termite is a termite. At least, that’s what many people believe. There are many different species of these bugs. They live in different environments, but all eat the same thing—wood. We may think these wood-boring pests are all the same when they aren’t. They cause billions of dollars of damage yearly in the United States alone. All the damage they cause makes you wonder what you can do when a termite inspection of your Hayward home reveals an infestation.…

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