3 Signs You Need Professional Termite Inspection

Mar 24, 2016
termite inspection

Termite Inspection

To ensure the structural health of your home, termite inspections should be conducted once a year or, at least, once every two years but, how to know you need a professional immediately? Here are three signs that tell you to start looking for your phone:

  1. Swarmers: After becoming well-established, a thriving termite colony will send off winged, sexually mature members in the search of new lands to conquer. If you see a few of these together in your home it might mean you have a nest nearby, ready to devour your home and possessions but, don’t panic! They could be just winged ants, and to know the difference, check their antennae: a termite’s antenna is straight, but an ant’s is jointed. If the appendages are straight and beaded, you need to call the big guns.
  2. Mud tubes: Termites need high levels of moisture to survive, so they build these tubes to be able to travel long distances in open spaces. These tubes can be found near your home’s foundation, near tubes or crawlspaces and access points to your home in general. To know if the tubes are in use, scrape a bit of the mud in two sections of the tube, and leave the rest intact. If after a few days you notice the tube’s been remodeled, call a professional.
  3. Noticeable wood damage: Termites was wood from the inside, and in the early stages of an infestation the wood looks healthy but reveals a hollow sound when tapped. If you see bits of mud or the evidence of holes that prove to be hollow underneath in your wood, definitely call a professional.

If you see any of these signs in your home, or just want to rest assured, don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule a consultation. Our professionals will set your mind at ease.

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