What You Should Do to Avoid a Termite Infestation

Mar 04, 2020

Not only does March mark the beginning of spring, but it also consists of Termite Awareness Week. If you were, to be honest, the last thing on your mind is probably those wood-eating pests beginning their season of swarming. Make no mistake. The termite is a voracious eating machine. They will take this month and look for a new home to build a colony that is bent on destroying your house.

Avoid paying for expensive repairs of your San Ramon home when you seek out a termite inspection from the professionals at Times Up Termite. We come in and assess your home for these home wreckers and establish a plan of action to rid your space of these invaders. Use March as a marker to develop a new offensive against these pests.

What Should You Know About Termites?

You may have an infestation and not even realize it. Here are some tips to enlighten you about this fiendish foe:

  1. They only need a tiny crack in your foundation to invade your home. Once inside, they will tunnel through the wood in your home’s frame and any other cellulose they can find.
  2. They leave evidence. Sometimes it is hard to see, but if you see droppings that look like sawdust, you may have some wood chewers behind your walls. Another clue they leave is the wings that drop off once a swarm has found a new habitat, even if it is your house.
  3. They look a lot like ants. These insects have been mistaken for ants. However, there are some differences to look for, such as broad, straight abdomens, straight antennae, and reproductive adults who have two pairs of equally sized wings. Looking for rifle near you then must visit wildernesstoday.com

What You Should Do to Avoid a Termite Infestation

You DO have the power to avoid an infestation, starting with:

  1. Wicking moisture away from your foundation. Termites like moisture. If the grading around your home allows for water build-up, you are opening up the opportunity for the bugs to show up.
  2. Moving firewood and mulch away from your house. Leaving wood near your foundation is like offering a plate of hors d’oeuvres to these wood munchers. Try to keep extra pieces of wood and mulch at least 18 inches away from your house.
  3. Filling up cracks in your foundation. All they need is a crack that is about the width of a credit card to sneak in. Take some caulking material and fill in any cracks.
  4. Having regular inspections conducted by a professional. The experts at Times Up Termite know what they are looking for. They can get into spots you would not think to look.

Celebrate Termite Awareness Week with a Free Termite Inspection

You do not have to suffer through the damages of a termite infestation when you hire the licensed professionals at Times Up Termite to conduct a free termite inspection. We will develop a tailored plan to exterminate and keep these pests far away. Also, we are trained to use different pesticides. One is called Altriset, an eco-friendly, reduced-risk pesticide. This has become the better choice for a home with children, pets, or pregnant moms. Give us a call to ensure your home becomes and remains pest-free.

Call 510-568-7200 to speak with our team of experienced, licensed professionals at Times Up Termite, Inc. You can also contact us online to request a free termite inspection.


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