Back to Basics: Termites 101 – Life Cycle and Reproduction

Nov 10, 2020

Each animal in the animal kingdom has a set way of reproducing to ensure their species’ survival. The termite is known for speed and quantity—they reproduce fast and in plentiful numbers!

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Learn About the Birds and the Bees – for Termites

Each species in the animal kingdom has a life cycle. Termites are not different. Here is a recap of their life expectancy and the low-down on their reproductive cycle:

  1. Life Cycle: We have covered the life cycle in more depth in a previous article. In short, termites begin as eggs and hatch into larvae. Then they molt, or shed their exoskeletons, for further development. As they grow, they will become the workers, soldiers, and reproductives of the colony.
  2. Reproduction: Each colony will eventually outgrow their home. When that happens, the primary and secondary reproductives take flight. These wood-chewers develop pale brown or grey wings, are both male and female, and can be about ¼ to ½ of an inch long, depending on the type of species.
    • Once the colony has reached the right size, and the conditions are ideal, the reproductives leave in pairs and fly off. This is called swarming.
    • When a couple has mated, they will seek a new location, lose their wings, and start building their new colony.
    • You may see them swarming on overcast days after a rain shower where the winds are below 6-mph. You may even find their wings in your windowsills since they are attracted to light.
    • The female will continue to reproduce while being cared for by the colony, and she can do this for several years.

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