Best Practices of Termite Exterminators

May 26, 2016

Termite Exterminators

termite exterminatorsDetecting the presence of termites in your home or rental property is crucial if you are trying to protect the value of your investment. These destructive creatures are able to subtly wreak havoc on a property in a very short period of time. Signs of a termite infestation may go unnoticed and undetected for years, allowing these vicious creatures ample opportunity to perform devastatingly destructive work on the structure of a building. Knowing what to watch for, and understanding the steps to take to prevent their existence in your home or residential property can mean the difference between your piece of property being an asset or becoming a liability.

One of the first steps any new homeowner should take after receiving the keys to the front door is to get in touch with a great pest control company, and establish a routine service that includes regular termite inspections. Although many pest control companies do not perform thorough monthly termite inspections, regular visits from a professional technician will allow him opportunities to catch subtle signs of the presence of termites that your own untrained eye may not pick up on. A professional technician can then make recommendations regarding appropriate corrective action.

The keen eye of a good exterminator may watch for the following:

  • Swarming Okay, chances are you will notice a termite swarm in your residence before an exterminator does, because termite swarms are typically a dramatic affair reminiscent of a horror film. Once a colony of termites has been established and begins to reproduce, the newly matured adult termites suddenly get the urge to fly away and start their own colony. They emerge from wherever they have been living, usually all at one time. This sudden appearance of so many winged bugs is usually disturbing for many homeowners. Occasionally, the pests go unnoticed, particularly if the home is empty, and technicians notice dead termites on windowsills or stuck in any lingering spider webs that may be present in or around the outside of the residence.
  • Mud Tunnels Many termites enjoy living underground, but also enjoy munching on the wood inside your home. As a way of protecting themselves from predators, occasionally they build themselves tunnels along the footer of your home’s foundation. A good exterminator will watch for these squiggly tunnels that appear to be made of dirt or mud. Their appearance is not a guarantee of an active colony, but is a pretty good indicator of their presence.
  • Mud In Small Spaces Just as these creatures build their mud tunnels, occasionally they take advantage of small cracks and fissures to tunnel in, filling in the cracks where they wish, and leaving themselves whatever openings they desire. The best exterminators are aware of this, and will look carefully at construction joints, cracks, or small holes in a residential structure.

Of course, the discovery of evidence of a termite swarm, mud tunnels, or mud in small spaces is not a guarantee of a current infestation. However, prompt and immediate inspection by a professional is highly recommended. If you suspect that an active colony may be present in your home or other residential property, contact us today to schedule an inspection.

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