Build a Strong Foundation for Your New Home with Pre-Treatment for Termite Control

Jun 07, 2018

Building your dream house is one of the most amazing experiences you can have. The steps to creating the perfect family haven begin with choosing an architect and finding a floorplan. Next comes all the fun of sorting through colors and textures for your bathroom tile, kitchen cabinets, and living room carpet. Each room painstakingly mulled over to get the effect you seek.

To last through the decades, every structure needs a solid foundation. No matter the type, crawl space or slab, you trust your builder to use the best materials, so your home can withstand the years that follow. One of the most important steps your builder can take to add another layer of protection between the ground and your home is through termite pre-treatment for your Oakland, Castro Valley, or Berkeley home.

Invest in Termite Control for the Longevity of Your Dream Home

Groundbreaking day starts the journey to fulfilling your goal of building a dream home for your entire family to enjoy. To keep that dream alive, you need to follow the right steps from the start. It’s important to be aware that even with concrete blocks, termites can wiggle through the tiny cracks. Understanding this simple step will only keep your house standing firm through the test of time:

  • How Termite Pretreatment Works: Before the concrete to your foundation is poured, a trusted pest control company such as Times Up Termite will come in and spray directly on the wood, concrete, and the foundation.
  • It Works in Phases: There are a couple of methods to treat a newly constructed home. There is the preconstruction horizontal soil treatment followed by the post-construction perimeter treatment. These are two separate processes. Be sure your builder does both.
  • There Is a Life Span: The protection will decline over the years. That is why utilizing the services of a professionally certified termite control company helps you maintain your lovely abode.
  • Why You Should Invest In Pretreatment: The thought of sharing your home with termites is not acceptable – to anyone. These pests can cause extensive damage to your home, so do everything you can to keep them out. Also, when your builder conducts a pretreatment, you can receive a termite warranty, giving you additional peace of mind.

Stop Future Damage Now – Hire a Trusted Company for Termite Inspection and Control

Prevention is worth a pound of cure when you take the necessary actions to protect your home and family. The fight is not over with the initial pretreatment. Vigilance is vital to maintaining your gorgeous, well-earned home. Hire a pest control company that works alongside you to inspect, assess, and eradicate any infestation that attempts to occur. Since 1991, the certified professionals at Times Up Termite, Inc. have helped new home builders across Oakland, Castro Valley, Berkeley, Fremont, and the surrounding areas, get rid of unwanted and damaging pests to protect their family and home.

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