Californians Better Put Termite Repair on Their Post-Storm Cleanup Lists

Nov 25, 2016

No doubt that the last few, AccuWeather forecasts have had Californians on their toes. We’ve all seen what Hurricane Matthew did to the east and similar could happen here if we continue to get hammered with typhoon related damage. And the storms aren’t all residents will likely have to contend with. There is also the increased potential for post-storm damage, namely termites.

Termites May Take Higher Ground

Unfortunately, history has shown us that termites have no problem surviving typhoons and other major storms. They simply head for higher ground until the waters have receded, which invariably leaves them with plenty of food. Can anyone say wet wood? Termites are one of several destructive pests on earth that absolutely love it. Of course that’s no secret here.

Beware of Hidden Invaders

We’ve seen California homes and businesses ravaged twice, once by the storm, then by the termites. And repairing the storm damage quickly doesn’t always do the trick. Sometimes the insects arrive in ways storm-weary property owners aren’t expecting. For example, they may be hiding in salvaged materials like yard mulch, landscaping timbers and partially replaced, stockade fences until it’s safe to cause further damage.

Remember Line Breaks and Washouts

To continue, homes with a history of termite infestation are particularly prone to post-storm attacks for one reason. The storm may have partially broken or totally damaged any termite barriers that were in place. These breaks could allow existing colonies to re-enter the property as well encourage new ones to arrive.

Add It to the List

With all this in mind, termite inspections and related repairs should be considered after every major storm. They’re a great way to ensure that storm damaged properties will not suffer subsequent infestations. To learn more about shoring up your home after termites have ravaged it, please contact Times Up Termite today. We can help with post-storm termite repair and so much more.

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