Celebrate Mother Nature: What Termites Do for the Environment

Feb 19, 2021

We all do our part to protect the environment. We recycle everything we can, combine errands into one trip, and turn off lights when we leave rooms. Did you know that termites help the environment, as well? It’s true. Yes, they do eat a lot of wood, and at times it is in the form of our homes, but their wood-boring abilities are good for more than destruction. Of course, you don’t need their ‘talent’ in your home! Keep these bugs at bay by scheduling a termite inspection of your San Mateo home.

At Times Up Termite, we know that you want to preserve your home along with the environment. We provide free inspections to ensure your home is pest-free. If we do find signs of infestation, we can offer different solutions to eradicate the bugs. Keep doing your part to save Mother Earth, and let us keep the bugs at bay.

How Termites Support the Environment

Every creature needs a purpose, and termites do offer more than the billions of dollars in damage to structures across America. It may seem hard to believe, but they do support the environment. Here are three areas you may have never known about:

  1. Enhance Decomposition: Termites crave cellulose. The good news for them is that it is abundant throughout nature, primarily in plant fibers. To properly break down, it needs an enzyme called cellulase that few organisms have. Termites can ingest the cellulose and transform it so that it is reusable. The bugs have mighty mitochondria within their stomachs, thus giving them the ability to process raw materials and turn them into beneficial waste for other plants.
  2. Nitrogen Enrichment: Nitrogen is everywhere, especially in our atmosphere. It is generally attached to other compounds, like ammonia. To be appropriately used by other living beings, the nitrogen needs to be removed. This process is sometimes called nitrogen fixation. Few creatures can accomplish this, and termites are one of them. Then, the insects enrich the soil with nitrogen, which can sustain new plant growth.
  3. Decrease Soil Erosion: Believe it or not, these wood-boring bugs can help decrease soil erosion. This happens as the termites burrow deep into the ground and create tunnels. By digging tunnels, they make pores within the soil called macropores, which open up moisture pathways and decrease runoff and potential erosion.

Keep Termites in Nature – Hire Times Up Termite for an Inspection

Let all creatures, great and minuscule, live their lives as Mother Nature intended. Termites belong out of your house and in the forests. We can make that happen when you choose Times Up Termite as your pest control partner. We have the experience necessary to inspect your house thoroughly and alleviate any infestations with the best recommendation for your situation, including an effective eco-friendly, reduced-risk pesticide called Altriset. Use this excellent option for your home if you have pregnant moms, children, or pets. Talk to us today to find out more.

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