Why You Should Complete a Termite Inspection Prior to Buying a New Home

Sep 12, 2014

termite inspectionIt takes time to find the perfect house. Maybe you looked through so many houses that you can’t remember all of them. Maybe you were lucky and found a house right away. You put a contract on it and waited nervously to see if they would accept it. Once they did, you were presented with the opportunity to do some home inspections.

You might want to save money by skipping out on some of the inspections but it is very important to have them completed. Termite inspections are not often required but there are many reasons that you should spend the extra money.

These reasons include:

  • Some loans require termite inspections. You might not be able to get a mortgage loan without an inspection.
  • A termite report includes not only past damage but also present damage and the threat of future damage. This can be very helpful when deciding whether or not you really want to buy a home.
  • There is usually a contingency in a contract that you are able to back out of buying a home if it has termites. This can save you a lot of heartache that you might have to go through, dealing with the aftermath of termites.
  • Termites can do a lot of damage before it is noticeable to people. Termite inspectors have special equipment to find termite damage.
  • Termite damage can be worse than hurricanes, tornados, and other storms.
  • Termite damage is rarely covered by home owners insurance. This means that you will have to cover all of the expenses from the damage, if it is discovered after you buy a home.
  • If your house is actively infested and caught early, it is easier to fix the problem before it gets out of hand. It will also cost less to fix it early than if you let it wait until your house becomes unsafe to live in.
  • If you buy a house that has termites, it might not be structurally sound. Do you want to spend that much money on a house that you have to fix up? Sometimes the damage is too great.
  • Often, after a termite inspection, you get a guarantee that your house should be termite free for one to two years. This can be a great piece of mind and make you feel better about buying your home.

A termite inspection does seem like it costs a lot of money but it is worth it. Do you really want to buy a house that might be structurally unsafe to live in? Wouldn’t you rather catch a problem early, have the owners deal with it, and get a guarantee for the future? Termite damage can be worse than natural storms such as tornados and hurricanes. It is often not covered under your home owner’s policy which means that you will have to cover all of the damage out of your own pocket.

Contact us today for your home termite inspection. Your piece of mind is worth the cost!

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