Destructive Termites! The Consequences of an Infestation Are Devastating

Mar 01, 2022

Your home should be the place where you feel safe and comfortable. It is where you raise a family and make memories. You need to care for your abode at different times, either through cleaning, preventative maintenance, or renovations. These are steps expected in homeownership. There is one item of concern that many owners fail to take seriously. That is, the ramifications of a termite infestation. The reasons for avoiding this topic might vary, but the results of letting these wood-boring bugs gnaw at your home will cost you thousands of dollars to remedy. The best way to avoid this tragedy is to invest in regular termite inspections of your San Ramon house.

Areas Where the Damage Is Greatest

It’s no secret that termites love wood and cellulose. They cause billions of dollars in damage each year. What is often overlooked is where their favorite meal is located and how their nonstop feasting wrecks your structure. If you have never considered what this tiny bug can do, consider these three areas where they will lurk…and eat:

  1. Structural Wood: Subterranean termites require moisture, and they find it in damp, moisture-rich soils. They live in the ground and tunnel up to your foundation through mud tubes. They will make their way up into your loadbearing walls, too. Without a solid foundation, the rest of the structure is at risk. Once they find your foundation, all bets are off as they proceed to destroy the most critical part of your house. This is an extremely costly repair, and it’s certainly avoidable!
  2. Doors and Windows: These areas provide you with the easiest ability to detect damage. You may find that the wood around your door is wavy or feels weak. This is an indication that something is wrong, and the culprits could be possibly wood chewers. As termites work their way up your walls, they may pop out at your windows, especially during mating season when they leave their wings on your windowsills.
  3. Interior Wood: Besides structural walls and the foundation, termites will make their way through any interior walls and your attic. Some may find your wood furniture quite tasty as well. While you see a gorgeous Italian couch, termites are thinking, “Italian fine dining”! Drywood termites are notorious for finding weak spots in your roof or attic access and eating downward from the top of your home.

Beat These Wood Chewing Home Wreckers before It Is Too Late – Call Times Up Termite

Take back your home from a termite invasion when you contact the experienced professionals at Times Up Termite. Our staff dedicates themselves to assessing your structure and finding the best options to eradicate the invaders. We even offer an eco-friendly, reduced-risk pesticide, Altriset. This choice is particularly good for homes with children, pets, or pregnant moms. After we rid your home of the pests, depend on us to keep them away with regular termite inspections. Contact us today to schedule your free inspection!

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