DIY Versus Professional Termite Control

Sep 19, 2019

From changing the oil in your car to fixing a broken garbage disposal, many people prefer to do as many things on their own as possible. Perusing the Internet will uncover a plethora of videos to help you fix a leaky faucet, set up solar panels, and build a campfire with two sticks and a shoestring. There are several items you can do without hiring out the service. One thing on your “honey-do” list should not be left to DIY-ing. That is, trying to rid your home of a termite infestation.

Leave pest eradication to the experts at Times Up Termite, Inc. Our licensed professionals understand the workings of these wood-boring home wreckers. When you call us, we show up ready for battle, starting with our free termite inspection of your Fremont home. Upon inspection, we tailor a plan to eliminate the intruders that are bent on destroying your home.

Common DIY Termite Control Practices

Keep in mind that many of the methods we list below for do-it-yourselfers use products that are referred to as “contact killers.” This means the pesticide will kill the bugs it comes in contact with while it is still wet from the application. Once it dries, the effectiveness is gone. Most of the time, it will not take care of the whole colony. The most effective method for eradicating the pests begins with a termite inspection followed with regular visits by your insect control specialists.

If you are a maverick and want to take termite control into your own hands, here are three common avenues you can take:

  1. Bait Traps: This option consists of a trap filled with a smorgasbord of paper, cardboard, or another form of termite food mixed with a slow-acting pesticide. These sumptuous vittles are placed near or in your home within close proximity to mud tubes and other feeding sites. The termites then eat the deadly food.
  2. Chemical Treatments: Considered the traditional method of eradicating pests, liquid pesticides are applied to the soil as a barrier. This works well if you can reach all the hidden cracks and crevices in walls, floor coverings, and other areas. It can be challenging to ensure you get uniform coverage and may require hundreds of gallons of solution.
  3. Natural Remedies: Many homeowners hesitate to use harsh pesticides and choose natural treatments. There are options like nematodes, vinegar, borates, or orange oil. These methods take dedication and continuous application to be effective.

Get Complete Protection from the Specialists at Times Up Termite

Don’t leave the integrity of your home to off the shelf pesticides that may not work effectively. The professionals at Times Up Termite have been helping Fremont homeowners for more than 25 years get rid of unwanted pests. We are also trained to use several different options to eradicate termites, including Altriset, an eco-friendly, reduced-risk pesticide. This is a better choice for homes with children or pregnant women. We offer free termite inspections and work with you to develop a tailored plan for effective termite control in your home or office building.

Give us a call at 510-568-7200 to speak with our team of licensed experts at Times Up Termite, Inc. You can also contact us online to request a free termite inspection.

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