Do All Treatments Work the Same on Termites?

Jul 15, 2022

A termite is a termite. At least, that’s what many people believe. There are many different species of these bugs. They live in different environments, but all eat the same thing—wood. We may think these wood-boring pests are all the same when they aren’t. They cause billions of dollars of damage yearly in the United States alone. All the damage they cause makes you wonder what you can do when a termite inspection of your Hayward home reveals an infestation. Don’t worry. Your dwelling is in good hands when you depend on a qualified termite technician.

Treatment Depends on the Type of Termite

A professional pest control company will look for all types of termites, including subterranean, dry wood, and damp wood. The Formosan termites are also coming our way! Each one has a treatment regimen that works better than others. Here’s what we suggest for the 3 main types we come across in the Hayward area and surrounding communities:

1. Subterranean Termites: With their colonies being underground, subterranean termites enter your home from the ground and work their way up to the framing of your home. They will squeeze through cracks as slim as a business card to wreak havoc on your home. Recommended treatments include monitoring and bait stations and termiticide applications.

2. Drywood Termites: On the other end of the spectrum are dry wood termites. They will enter your home without having to go through the ground to do it. They don’t need the same amount of moisture as subterranean termites do. They will even travel up to a mile to find a new home. Their preferred wood source is dry so you might find them in attics. The best options for treatment include gas fumigation and targeted termiticide application.

3. Dampwood Termites: These beasts are larger than their subterranean counterparts. They have giant pincers on their heads that they use to fight off predators. They will build their colonies in damp and decaying wood, but they don’t need to live in soil or construct mud tubes. While they are not as destructive as subterranean ones, they will still eat your house. Moisture removal and a termiticide application are often used to rid a home of these pests.

Choose a Quality Termite Inspection Company to Protect Your Home

Protecting your home is easier when you rely on the team at Times Up Termite for all your termite inspection and treatment needs. Our technicians are trained to spot the different types of wood-boring pests. They will offer you the best remedies for your specific infestation type. One such pesticide is Altriset, an eco-friendly, reduced-risk pesticide. It is excellent for homes with children, pets, or pregnant moms. We may also suggest Trelona bait traps from BASF. We use this superb product to rid your home of termites and avoid further damage. Don’t let termites get the best of your home. Protect your family by contacting us for a free inspection today.

Call 510-568-7200 to speak with our team of experienced, licensed professionals at Times Up Termite, Inc. You can also contact us online to request a free termite inspection in Hayward.

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