Do Termites Infest Commercial Buildings?

Aug 08, 2023

You hear about pests infesting homes. Each year wood-chewing insects do billions of dollars in damage to houses. Given that most commercial buildings are regularly cleaned and maintained, it’s easy to assume they may be immune to the effects of bugs like termites. That is far from true. Even with well-maintained landscaping and structures, these relentless bugs will infest any space that offers the right ingredients to encourage their colonization. An experienced and reliable termite treatment company can ensure your Hayward business remains termite free. They have the training and equipment ready to ensure you only have lease-paying tenants in your commercial building, not the forever-hungry free-loaders!

Why Termites Love Commercial Buildings and How to Beat Them

Why do bugs invade commercial buildings? It’s for the same reasons they infest a home…because the conditions are right, and they can find a way in. Here are five reasons termites love commercial buildings:

  1. Moisture: The subterranean termite loves moisture. Outdoor lawn sprinklers not only soak the well-manicured lawn but also wet down the exterior of the building. If the foundation has water and cracks, bugs will find them.
  2. Plants and trees: The gorgeous landscaping around the campus of a commercial area is not only inviting for visitors but can also welcome termites. Bushes, turf, and mulch that come in contact with the building create a superhighway for the bugs to get into any cracks.
  3. Foam insulation: As an energy-conserving part of any structure, foam insulation is vital. However, if it is in direct contact with the soil, it can provide easy entry into the building. It is easily penetrated and tunneled through, and it also retains moisture.
  4. Cracks in concrete walls and foundations: Shifting in a foundation will lead to cracks. Cracks don’t have to be easily visible for termites to venture into a building. They only need a sliver (or 1/55th of an inch) to get from the outside world into the interior. Soon, they will cause destruction.
  5. Siding in touch with the soil: Some designs have the siding touching the earth. Termites will build mud tubes between the siding and the foundation and create the passageway they need to chew on the structure.

The best offense is a good defense, particularly when it comes to termites. You will want to ensure that any moisture is dealt with swiftly. Also, keep landscaping away from your buildings, and don’t let siding come in contact with the ground. Finally, have a quality pest control company come in and conduct regular termite inspections.

Call the Professionals and Keep Termites Away from Your Commercial Buildings

The team at Times Up Termite understands how the minds of termites work. We show up, thoroughly inspect the structures, and offer solutions that suit your situation. We have many termite treatments in our tool kit to eradicate these pesky bugs. One such treatment is the eco-friendly, reduced-risk solution called Altriset. It is an excellent choice for businesses and homes where children, pets, or pregnant moms may be present. We also recommend bait monitoring and bait stations by BASF. Contact us today to learn more.

Call 510-568-7200 to speak with our team of experienced, licensed professionals at Times Up Termite, Inc. You can also contact us online to request a free termite inspection and book a termite treatment in Hayward.

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