Do You See Flying Bugs? Are They Termites, Ants, or Another Bug?

Jul 05, 2022

Imagine walking into your bathroom and your bathroom big LED mirrors , one morning and finding bugs with wings. Do you know what they are? Are they ants? Termites? Mayflies? Whenever you find insects in your home, it is wise to investigate what they are. Some are relatively harmless. Others, like termites, will cause thousands of dollars of damage to your home if left unchecked. Homeowners are not trained to spot all the differences between these flying pests. However, investing in a termite inspection for your Pleasanton home will give you the answers you seek, and the remedies for a bug-free home.

How to Distinguish Termites from Ants and Other Flying Bugs

Flying termites and flying ants vary in many ways. Yet, to the untrained eye, they look very similar. Here are the differences between the species:

1. Appearance: Both types of insects have four wings and antennae. Upon closer examination, you will find that termites have almost straight antennae. An ant’s antenna is bent like an elbow. When you look at their wings, ants’ front wings are much larger than their rear ones, yet they are proportionate to their bodies. Termites’ wings are uniform in size and almost twice as long as their bodies. Look at their abdomen, and you will find that ants have pinched waists and termites have broad cores.

2. Behavior: Each species live in large colonies with specific ‘caste systems’. They have queens, workers, and soldiers. You will find termites in decaying trees, stumps, wood debris, lumber, and the wooden parts of your home. Carpenter ants will also inhabit wood and wooden structures, but they do not cause the same damage to your house as a termite colony.

3. Diet: Each bug eats differently. Termites eat one thing—cellulose. This is often found in decaying trees, but they are not afraid to nibble on your footers, rafters, paper, cardboard, and your favorite antique table. Ants enjoy nectar, seeds, other insects, and food debris found in your home.

4. Life Cycles: These insects have similar reproductive cycles, meaning the winged reproductive ones leave the colonies searching for greener pastures. For termites, it might be your house.

Don’t Let Misidentification Ruin Your Home – Get a Timely Termite Inspection

Why take the chance of misidentifying those insects you found in your bathroom or kitchen? A termite inspection in Pleasanton by a qualified technician from Times Up Termite is all it takes to ensure your house is safe for you and your family. We show up on time and get to work investigating all areas of your structure. We leave no space unturned and then offer you a report with the recommended solutions, including the eco-friendly, reduced-risk pesticide, Altriset. We suggest this remedy for homes with children, pets, or pregnant moms. We also recommend Trelona bait traps by BASF to rid your home of termites. Schedule your free inspection today!

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