Fast Facts: What You Need to Know About Termites ̶ Understanding Termite Infestation in Berkeley

Jun 07, 2018

Termites single-handedly cause billions of dollars in damage each year in the United States. It is incredible how a tiny creature can wreak so much havoc on your home and belongings; yet, these insects from the Crustacean Period help Mother Nature. By eating dead and decaying wood, they assist in the process of decomposition. It seems like they are quite handy – would you agree?

The problem occurs when these tiny cellulose eaters get too close to our homes and personal belongings. They work their way up into damp and damaged wood via their mud tubes. Often confused with carpenter ants, they infest homes and start their non-stop eating. Understanding your enemy is the first step in making your home safer and pest-free. The certified professionals at Times Up Termite, Inc. can help. We inspect your home, assess any damage, and customize a termite treatment service quickly and efficiently.

Get to Know the Enemy for Better Pest Control of Your Berkeley Home

Save time and money when you know the workings of termites. Here are some fast facts to keep in mind:

  • Identification: Sometimes confused with a carpenter ant, termites are different in three main areas: waist, antennae, and wings.
    • Their waists are solid.
    • Their antennae are straight.
    • Their wings are equal in size.
  • Behavior and Biology: These insects are mighty and continuously on the move
    • The queen is the only breeder and may live up to eighteen years.
    • Wood is their primary food.
    • They never sleep, because they are always
    • In the spring, they swarm in an effort to find mates and begin new colonies.
    • If you see a swarm, there is probably an infestation close.
    • Mulch around your home encourages these pests to keep destroying your house.
  • Colony Life: The life of a termite is one of continuous eating and breeding.
    • They live in nested colonies in soil and wood.
    • Mature colonies have a variety of nesting and feeding sites connected by tunnels.
    • They continually eat wood to build their colonies.
  • Signs of Termite Infestation: You can generally see some evidence of these wood-boring insects with the naked eye. Look for:
    • Mud tubes
    • Flying termites
    • Sunken areas behind wall coverings
    • Hollowed areas along the grain of the wood
    • Wings on window sills

Reclaim the Integrity of Your Berkeley Home with a Termite Inspection

Gain the upper hand when you understand these house wreckers. Schedule a free home inspection by a licensed pest exterminator. For over 25 years, the experts at Times Up Termite, Inc. have served homeowners across the Berkeley, Oakland, Castro Valley, and Fremont areas protect their homes from unwanted invaders.

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