Foods Termites Love! Is Your Fremont Home their Buffet Table?

Oct 10, 2018

The holiday season is fast approaching. Soon parties and entertainment will abound, and so will the food. Imagine sitting down to feast on a couch leg or a platter of newspapers. Sound appetizing? If you were a termite, this scenario might feel like heaven. For a homeowner, it is a nightmare. Don’t think that having a brick or stucco home leaves you safe, either. There is a buffet for these pesky invaders just waiting in the walls of your home from the wooden frame.

These unwanted, wood-boring pests can cost you more than a good Thanksgiving meal. They cost homeowners and business owners billions in damages each year. When you invest in a regular pest control program for your Fremont Home, you can thwart the invasion from this species.

Termite Control Begins with Knowing What they Eat

Once you understand what your enemy eats, you are better prepared to be on the lookout. Termites eat organic material found in trees, shrubs, and plants called cellulose. Here are some areas these pesky critters will appear:

  • Wooden Frame: Even if your home is made of stone, it does not mean your structure is safe. There is likely a wood frame upon which it was constructed. These bugs only need a crack in the mortar, and they are on their way to smorgasbord-land.
  • Interior Walls: Yes, even the drywall or sheetrock used to finish your walls has morsels of food just waiting to be munched on. One more material that is easy to overlook is wallpaper. Your favorite poinsettia trim may be a termite favorite.
  • Cardboard and Newspaper: Do you have an attic crammed with cardboard boxes full of stuff? Do you keep a stack of newspapers in your garage? Either place is an open invitation for an infestation.
  • Other Sources of Food: If the item has cellulose, it is fair game. These pests will eat through the legs of your couch, bed, antique table, a box of memories tucked in a closet, and even your cotton clothes.

Keep Your Home and Belongings Safe with the Help of a Trusted Termite Control Company

Take the needed steps to protect your home when you keep cardboard and newspapers away from your home. Make sure the ventilation is adequate to prevent too much moisture from building up and trim the shrubs and trees around your structure. Enlist the services of a termite control company that works to keep your castle yours and not a buffet table for pests. For over 25 years, the certified professionals at Times Up Termite, Inc. have helped homeowners and businesses across Fremont, Oakland, Castro Valley, Berkeley, and the surrounding areas, get rid of unwanted and damaging pests.

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