General Contractors Can Provide Comprehensive, Worry-Free Termite Repair

Jan 15, 2015

Termite Repair

termite repairYou’ve bought your first home and started to do some remodeling. In the process, it becomes clear that when it came to making a termite repair, the previous owners were not nearly thorough enough. So now what should you do? First off, don’t panic. Minor to moderate termite damage can be professionally repaired at an affordable price. Repairing major damage is often costly, depending on where it is.

Once you get over the shock of seeing termite damage, schedule a free termite inspection and ask fully licensed, General Contractors to check the home from top to bottom. The inspection will make sure that the termites are truly gone and the General Contractors can identify the areas that need immediate repair. Afterward, they’ll advise whether or not the damaged materials should be repaired, replaced or both. The both scenario comes into play when the amount of damage varies in a single area.

Repairing termite damage will typically require the expert installation of additional support beams, proprietary wood sealants and insect barriers (e.g. flashing or chemically treated underlayment). They are often used when the damage is minor to moderate in areas that do not affect the overall support structure of the home. Total replacement, on the other hand, often involves the temporary use of jacks and other supports while the repairs are underway. After all, something has to take the stress off of the undamaged sections until the replacement work is finished. These types of techniques are normally only called upon when the damage is severe.

All termite repairs, regardless of the severity involved, have the potential to affect other areas of the home too. For example, let’s say that termites destroyed the wooden supports and insulation behind a built-in shower enclosure. The enclosure may have to be temporarily removed while behind-the-scenes repairs are being made. That’s why it’s always best to leave termite repairs up to General Contractors who can handle all potential scenarios. To learn more about termite inspections, prevention and repair, please contact us at Times Up Termite.

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