How to Tell If I Have Termites in My Home?

Aug 25, 2017

Signs for Identifying Termites

Signs of a potential termite infestation should not be ignored. If a termite infestation is neglected or goes unnoticed, the cost to repair the damages of a termite infestation only goes up. Annually, homeowners spend billions of dollars in termite repairs and treatment. Avoid breaking the bank on home repairs by getting a termite inspection and treatment in the Oakland bay area.

There is often evidence of termite infestations. If you know what to look for, you can address and possibly lessen the damage termites can wreak on your home. Times Up Termite can help you protect your investment with a free termite inspection. Our licensed inspectors are trained to seek out pest infestations and apply EPA-registered products applied in strict accordance to label instructions.

The information below, will help homeowners learn how to recognize and understand the signs of termites. We also hope this information will allow homeowners to know when to order a termite inspection so they can intervene in a growing infestation and take back control of their home.

Signs of Potential Termite Infestation

Here are a few signs you can look for that might indicate you need a termite inspection.

  • Droppings – A mating pair of drywood termites will create a small nest within wood. They then seal the hole they entered. As they run out of space, they will kick out their droppings, called pellets, through kick-out holes. The results are mounds of tiny, oval-shaped pellets that look similar to salt and pepper, sawdust, or coffee grounds.
  • Evidence of Swarmers – You can find evidence of swarmers around windows, doors, lamps, and other exterior light sources. They may leave behind their wings. If you see termites exiting from your foundation, walls, or porches, you should seek out termite treatment from a professional.
  • Mud Tubes – About the size of the diameter of a pencil, mud tubes can be found over floor joints, support piers, walls, and foundation. Mud tubes are used by worker termites to travel from their colonies to feeding grounds.
  • Hollowed or Damaged Wood – If you tap on the wood in your Oakland home and hear a hollow sound, it is possible that termites are in your woodwork. If you bump it with a vacuum, you might see breakage of your woodwork, revealing a feeding ground.
  • Blisters in Wood Flooring – Look for dark areas or blistering in your wood flooring. It may be a sign that termites are just underfoot and eating away.

Don’t Delay Calling Your Trusted Termite Control Company in Oakland

Finding termites does not necessarily mean you have an infestation. If you find evidence of termites, seek out the professionals at Times Up Termite, Inc. Since 1991, we have provided termite control for residences in the Oakland, Berkeley, Castro Valley, and Fremont areas.

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