How to Use Spring Cleaning to Prevent Bug Infestations

Mar 09, 2021

Warmer temperatures and longer daylight hours are a fabulous way to welcome spring and summer. One sure way to know the season is in full swing is your desire to spring clean. While it may not be the most pleasurable activity, it is almost a ‘tradition’. For years, homeowners have taken down drapes to wash, cleaned out gutters, and decluttered closets. Hidden in the flurry of cleaning that refreshes your home, is an often-missed opportunity to look for pests and bugs. Spring is an excellent time to schedule a termite inspection of your Pleasanton home.

Check termite eradication off your list when you work with the team from Times Up Termite. Our professionals show up at your residence ready to inspect and offer you options for eliminating any infestation or for prevention. Call us today and sleep easier tonight.

6 Tips to Keep the Bugs at Bay

Make this year’s spring cleaning the one that thwarts any bugs’ plans for infiltrating your home when you use these six steps:

  1. Organization is Key: It may sound a little funny, but you want to make sure you hit all areas that termites and other bugs may be found when you spring clean. A to-do list for each room in your home will help you stay on course.
  2. Know What You Are Looking For: You probably know the differences between a mouse and rat or a cockroach and silverfish, but ants and termites can be tricky. Take a moment to look for the differences and the evidence they leave behind, so you can spot them while you clean. For example, those wings you found on the window sill may be from a termite, not a flying ant.
  3. Empty and Clean Your Pantry and Cabinets: Crumbs, stale, and rotting food entice unwanted critters to come in and take up residence. Take time to remove everything, wipe down shelves, line with shelf paper, and get rid of expired food before filling your cabinets back up.
  4. Look for Water Leaks: Cockroaches and silverfish love moisture. That is why you are likely to find them in your bathroom. Another pest that thrives in moist conditions is the subterranean termite. As you clean under faucets or in your basement, keep an eye out for moisture and try to track down the source. Then fix it.
  5. Get Rid of the Clutter and Cardboard: Spring cleaning involves more than washing down your windows. It’s also an excellent time to declutter. Avoid using cardboard to store your items as it entices many bugs, including termites. Instead, choose airtight plastic bins to store your belongings.
  6. Handle the Outdoor Spaces: Termites love wood. They are attracted to those stacks sitting around your home and in your gutters. Clear out decaying wood, bushes, and other greenery away from your foundation and roof. If you have stacks of firewood, it is a good idea to pull it back to be at least 15 inches from your foundation.

Choose Times Up Termite for Inspections and Pest Eradication

Take a breath of fresh air when you spring clean your home and eliminate dust, clutter, and bugs. If you find any evidence of termites, like wings, frass, or mud tubes, call the experts at Times Up Termite, for a free termite inspection. We offer many different options for pest removal, including the eco-friendly, reduced-risk pesticide, Altriset. Consider this excellent choice if you have children, pets, or a pregnant mom in your Pleasanton home.

Call 510-568-7200 to speak with our team of experienced, licensed professionals at Times Up Termite, Inc. You can also contact us online to request a free termite inspection in Pleasanton.

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