Invest in Termite Treatment after Getting Landscaping or Utility Work Done

Aug 13, 2015
Termite Treatment

Dealing with termites in your home is a problem that most homeowners want to avoid, especially because fixing the problem is significantly more expensive than keeping it from happening in the first place. Whether you get routine termite treatment or not, you should plan on getting professional treatment after a landscaping or utility project has been completed on your property.

Altering the Area around Your Property’s Foundation

Many projects that involve landscaping require the land to be altered. When this happens, there is a decent chance for the previous termite treatment to be rendered ineffective. It is most crucial when these projects are around the home’s foundation as this is where termite protection is imperative.

Digging Up the Lawn to Work on Utilities

If you have to get utility work done, you might need to have the lawn dug up. Just like when the land is altered for landscaping purposes, previous termite treatments are likely to be rendered useless.

Instead of taking a risk and hoping to not get an infestation, you should just get the yard retreated.

After Removing Mature Trees

While removing a tree may not be as significant as altering an entire part of the yard, it can still be substantial enough to warrant another termite treatment to keep termites out.

As much as you might not want to spend more money on simply preventing termites, the costs that come with termite inspections, fumigation, and repair are just not worth skipping preventive measures.

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