Is Termite Damage Repairable?

Feb 05, 2016

termite damage repair

When you discover that your home needs termite repair from termite damage, shock tends to be the next step. So while termites and the damage they cause might seem like the end of the world for your property, there are ways of stepping in and instituting a solution.

Termite damage is oftentimes completely repairable. For a structure to be considered beyond repair due to termite damage, termites would have to ‘rule the roost’ for a long time without intervention.

In fact, most experts agree, for termites to totally ruin a home or structure, it would take upwards of 20+ years. In which case, the damage would be so severe that repair would be useless.

So where do you begin with Termite Treatment damage in Hayward?

1. First, and most importantly, you absolutely must remove the termites from the equation. Getting the termites under control is the only way to begin the repair process. A professional exterminator can help with this process.

2. To begin the removal of termites, you have to call a professional to schedule an inspection. An inspection is the only safe way of calculating the degree of the infestation and allows the inspector time to assess the damage.

3. Once the termites are removed, you have to set up barriers to inhibit future infestations. Professional exterminators know what’s best for each property, and they can help you install effective termite prevention measures.

4. After the termites are removed, and preventative measures are in place, only then can you begin the repair. Many exterminators also offer contracting services to help rebuild properties. It’s often the easiest and most effective way of getting your property back to normal.

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