It’s Halloween! Don’t Get Tricked into a False Sense of Security

Oct 05, 2022

Fall is a fun time of year. In different areas of the country, leaves will change color and fall off trees. All over the land, there is a sense of Mother Nature winding down and getting ready for winter. The holidays creep in, and children decide what they will dress up for Halloween. Soon, you will have little cowboys, witches, ghosts, and other fictitious figures ringing your doorbell and chanting, “Trick or Treat.” It is a fun time of year.

Even with all the fun and festivities, it is wise to remember that a sinister creature lurks in your foundation and walls. This pest doesn’t need a costume. Instead, it will trick you into a false sense of security while it makes a scrumptious treat of your house. Investing in a termite inspection for your Union City home will give you the feeling of peace you deserve.

Damage that Termites Can Cause to Your Home

When you are handing out the treats to all the little ghouls arriving at your doorstep, termites are nibbling on your house. Here is some of the damage you can expect if these wood-boring bugs invade your home:

1. Severe structural damage: These pests are beneficial to the ecology. They break down detritus which adds nutrients to the soil. It is a wonderful thing for the environment, but it’s not suitable for your house. Subterranean termites that invade your home will chew 24 hours a day, seven days a week, causing structural damage that can destroy your home. Your family’s house may become unlivable.
2. Interior damage: What you may think is water damage is actually termite damage. These signs include buckling wood and swollen floors and ceilings. Additionally, you may see visible mazes within your walls or furniture. You may even smell mildew or mold, which may be the scent of a termite colony.
3. Furniture damage: Drywood termites will build their colonies within the same wood they eat. Often, you will not see the damage until the veneer cracks, and the tunnels are exposed. If you see this, contact a pest control professional to assess your house and discuss your options.

Hand Out Treats and Stop the Tricks – Get Regular Termite Inspections in Union City

Enjoy the spooky holiday without worrying about what may be eating your home. The team from Times Up Termite has the experience and trained eye to seek out potential infestations. We cover every inch of your Union City home, looking for evidence of unwelcome guests. Then, we offer you a report with the recommended solutions to keep your home in termite-free shape. One option is the eco-friendly, reduced-risk pesticide, Altriset, which is excellent for homes with children, pets, or pregnant moms. We recommend Trelona bait traps by BASF to rid your home of wood-chewing pests. Don’t put it off any longer—schedule your free inspection today!

Call 510-568-7200 to speak with our team of experienced, licensed professionals at Times Up Termite, Inc. You can also contact us online to request a free termite inspection in Union City.

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