It’s Winter. But Termites Can Still Lurk in Your Home!

Jan 13, 2022

For many, the cooler temperatures of winter encourage slowing down and staying inside more. Instead of spending hours outside in the sun, we hunker down in our homes with a good book, movie and binge-worthy TV shows. We may believe that all of Mother Nature does the same. Some animals hibernate all season, while others build cozy nests to nestle in during the evening hours. Even bugs react to Old Man Winter’s call on the weather. Spiders and cockroaches cannot generate their own body heat, so they rely on buildings and foundations to stay warm. Another insect that does not take the winter off is the termite. These wood-eating pests munch on your home 24/7, 365 days a year. They are so dedicated that they don’t even take Leap Day off! It is a good thing that professional pest control technicians know this and offer termite inspections of your Pleasanton home throughout the year.

3 Areas Where Termites Settle Down for the Winter

Termites love to eat, and they don’t hibernate, meaning they wreak havoc on your house all year long. Here are the areas where they will hang out:

  1. Foundations: No building will stand for long if the foundation is compromised. Termites are experts at infiltrating the slightest crack in search of food. The subterranean variety will burrow below the frost line when temperatures dip below freezing. However, they will move up into your foundation and then into your walls on mild winter days. Because they feel safe here, they may start swarming if it gets too warm, which means that reproductive pairs will spread their wings in search of a new place to colonize. Unfortunately, if you don’t have a bug problem, you could develop one if a swarming pair descended on your property.
  2. Tree Stumps: A termite’s dream smorgasbord is any decaying logs or stumps on your property. They love the decaying wood in a stump. They will nestle down for the winter with plenty to eat and protection from the elements. It is best to remove stumps and decaying logs as soon as possible to protect your buildings.
  3. Firewood Stacks: Not only will termites hang out in your firewood, so will wood-chewing beetles. No one wants double for their money with wood eaters. It is okay to have some bits of firewood handy for those nights you wish for a campfire; however, remember to keep it a minimum of 18 inches away from any foundations. Ideally, you will want to move firewood stacks to the edge of your property if possible.

Eliminate Termites with a Free Inspection from Times Up Termite

Termites don’t take days off, and neither should you. Enlist the services of the trustworthy pest control company, Times Up Termite. We understand how termites work and have various options to treat and eradicate these homewreckers. One type of treatment is the eco-friendly, reduced-risk pesticide, Altriset. It is a good choice for a Pleasanton home with children, pets, or pregnant moms. Learn more when you contact us today.

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