How to Know When Your Deck Needs a Termite Inspection

Apr 28, 2016

Termite Inspection for a Deck

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deck inspection for termites

As a homeowner getting ready for summer, you want to make sure your deck is in good repair and free of termites. While you may think your home is termite proof, also consider your deck before it becomes a danger. Unprotected wood posts sunk directly into the soil is a big attraction for termites. Look carefully for these signs of an infestation in your deck and call Times Up Termite for a Termite Inspection in Hayward.

Check for problem areas by walking across your deck, bouncing as you go. A deck in good condition feels hard, not springy. Mark and check any spot where you feel give. Tap on the wood and if it sounds hollow, there may be termite tunnels inside. These tunnels are about as wide as a pencil, but flat. They look muddy.

Other signs of termites in a deck are sunken and rippled wood. Your deck may only be rotten but termites love moisture and are attracted to rot. Areas like underneath flowerpots and large deck furniture commonly become moist and rot.

To dig deeper for termites, poke around in rotted areas with a nail head and look for flat tunnels. Check under the deck and poke the nail into areas like the bottoms of posts, between the boards and under the deck. Pay special attention to the ledger, which is the piece that connects the deck to the house. Soft spots may signal a problem.

Look around deck lights for termite evidence. Termites swarm around light, so you may see them flying around. They also shed their wings, leaving them behind.

If you see any of these signs of trouble in your deck, contact us for a professional home inspection. Stop deck termites before they cost you money or invade your house.

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