Look Closer: 5 Signs Your House Has Termites

May 11, 2020

No one wants to find termites infesting their home. Most of us don’t realize that we have a pest problem until the damage is extensive. They do leave behind some signs. It takes a trained eye, but you can keep on top of things and call in the professionals before it is too late.

Protect your family and your investment when you have the experts at Times Up Termite come in. Our team is knowledgeable and has the best tools available to discover the source of any infestation. We then create a customized plan for termite treatment to rid your home of these wood-boring pests and keep them away.

5 Signs that Termites Have Taken Up Residence in Your Home

You may not be able to find the source of an infestation, but you can definitely keep an eye out for these five signs:

  1. Termite Frass In or Around Your Home: Frassisthe term used for termite droppings that look like sawdust. It looks like tiny pellets of wood that are located near the entry site of the colony. When you see this, you can be sure that there are bugs in your area.
  2. Discarded Wings: Mating termites, called swarmers, fly off, and when they find a place to build a colony, they shed their wings. They may look like fish scales and are often in piles like frass. It doesn’t mean you have an infestation, but bugs are nearby.
  3. Blistered or Cracked Paint: Besides water damage, a cause for blistered or cracked paint can be a sign of termites. If you have some of the other signs as well, then you may have a significant infestation. Be sure to call in a professional for termite treatment.
  4. Tiny Crack or Holes in Your Walls or Foundation: These bugs can fit through the smallest cracks. When you see a hole, look for signs of droppings as well. They can use these areas to burrow into your home.
  5. Hollow Wood: If you tap on a wall and it sounds hollow, be aware. Because they burrow into wood in a honeycomb pattern, it weakens walls, floors, and furniture. Pay attention to areas of your floors that sag or wooden furniture that suddenly breaks.

Expert Termite Treatment Saves the Day – and Your San Mateo Home!

Avoid discovering an infestation before the damage leads to expensive repair bills. Call on the licensed experts at Times Up Termite for effective termite treatments that will alleviate the worry the bugs can bring. We know what we are looking for and can come in and quickly get rid of these pests. We offer an eco-friendly, reduced-risk pesticide called Altriset that is a better choice for homes with children, pets, or those who are pregnant. Let us help you get your home back from these intruders.

Give us a call at 510-568-7200 to speak with our team of experienced, licensed professionals at Times Up Termite, Inc. You can also contact us online to request a free termite inspection.

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