Who Loves Basements, Attics, and Crawlspaces? Termites Do!

Feb 13, 2020

Every home seems to have that area that is underused. It might be the creepy basement that houses a spooky furnace that sounds like a jet engine when it starts up. It could be an attic full of antiques, trunks of old clothes, and loads of dust. Then there is the all-important but often neglected crawl space. Each one of these areas serves different purposes, like storage or access to plumbing pipes. Yet, they are often underused by you as a homeowner and occupant. If you have a mouse or termite infestation, be aware that they will take up residence where you fail to tread frequently.

Protect all areas of your San Mateo home, starting with a free termite inspection  by Times Up Termite. Our licensed team swoops in to inspect, assess, and design a customized plan to get rid of the homewreckers and keep them away. Ensure that your home’s structure is free from these wood-boring pests by calling us to book a visit today.

Why You Should Conduct Regular Inspections of Unused Areas

Often we keep an eye on those rooms we frequent daily but neglect our home’s less-used areas. This can cause many expensive issues later. Here are a few reasons why you should conduct a regular inspection of your basement, attic, and crawlspace:

  1. Water and moisture buildup. Mold and mildew can make us sick. If there is a pipe leaking, it not only raises your water bill but also causes severe damage to insulation and the wooden supports under your home.
  2. Pest nests. Cool, moist areas are fantastic breeding grounds for water bugs, roaches, and termites. Imagine the smorgasbord water creates for wood-boring bugs. Now consider how they can move up the frame of your house, causing thousands of dollars in damage. Not a pretty picture!
  3. Rodent habitats. Crawl spaces and attics are great for mice, rats, and raccoons. They will quickly build nests then start nibbling at your electrical wires and insulation. Also, like termites, they quickly reproduce to take over more than just the space under your foundation.

Stop the Invasion with a Free Termite Inspection for Your San Mateo Home

Avoid neglecting those rarely used areas of your house. Conduct regular inspections so that you will know when things look strange. For example, if you find mud tubes lining the beams of your foundation supports, you know it is time to call in the team from Times Up Termite to see what is happening and custom-design a plan to get your home back from these pests. We have many different options we are trained to use, like an eco-friendly, reduced-risk pesticide called Altriset. It is as a better choice for your home if someone is pregnant or you have children or pets. Keep your home bug-free with our help.

Give us a call at 510-568-7200 to speak with our team of experienced, licensed professionals at Times Up Termite, Inc.You can also contact us online to request a free termite inspection.

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