When Do You Need Professional Termite Repair Services

Apr 22, 2016

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Professional Termite Repair Services

So, you noticed some suspicious problems with your home that may indicate the presence of termites… Okay, the next item on your To-Do List is to have a termite inspection done by a fully licensed and trained professional as soon as possible. What happens if you have the inspection done and it reveals the worst of your fears about termite damage? PANIC!!!

Of course, you don’t panic. Sorry for the hyperbole, but this is in fact many people’s natural response. It just isn’t a logical or helpful reaction though. Sure, termite infestation is a problem that needs to be addressed immediately because it can jeopardize the very structural stability of your home. However, effective and reasonably priced termite repair options can be found that will quickly address the situation and reinstate the peace of mind you desire regarding the sanctity of your home.

You will be able to identify the need for professional assistance if you notice any of the following:

  • The appearance of darker wood that makes a startlingly strange hollow sound when you strike it
  • Clearly visible termite trails that consist of termite feces, eggs, dead termites, and a powdery residue that consists of undigested wood
  • Small holes throughout the wooden structures

The good news is that termite repair professionals have become especially good at fixing these problems. First and foremost, they will come in and remove all parts that show evidence of irreparable damage. Next, they will infuse deep wood sealers into all remaining areas that are susceptible to more damage. There will also be some extensive refinishing involved and more to the surrounding structures. The bottom line is that this isn’t a DIY type of project. It’s best left for qualified and skilled professionals.

“Times Up Termite Inc.” is your complete termite inspection and damage repair solution. If you suspect the presence of termites on your property, or if you need licensed construction professionals to repair damage done by termites, please don’t panic and contact us today for more information. We would be glad to help you dispose of your pest control problems right away.


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