Paying for Termite Repair: Know Your Options

Aug 18, 2016

Termite Repair

It is no secret that discovering termite damage can be the beginning of a financial nightmare for the average homeowner. Not only do visions of the nasty little critters haunt the dreams of those who know termites are living within the walls of their home, but finding a way to pay for the damage incurred is definitely something to lose sleep over.

Whenever any type of damage is done to a residence, homeowners usually first turn to their homeowners insurance company, since the purpose of homeowners insurance is to cover damage that is incurred to a property, right?

Not exactly. Unfortunately, most homeowners insurance policies only cover damage that is both sudden and accidental. Termite damage, which may have been going on undiscovered for years, falls outside of those boundaries.

Fortunately, there are other alternatives available to some homeowners when the money to pay for termite repair just isn’t in the bank account. If you recently purchased your home, and it is covered under a buyer’s home warranty, the damage may be covered if it can be proved that the damage was existing prior to the sale.

Of course, an even better course of action would be to have a termite inspection performed on the residence prior to the closing of the real estate transaction. This could potentially save you, as the new homeowner, from the headache of dealing with making a warranty claim, overseeing the repair, and ridding your home of any current infestation.

If your home is not covered by a buyer’s warranty, perhaps our own warranty service and monitoring program may be just the protection you need to give you the peace of mind you deserve. For more information about our warranty service and monitoring program, or for more information about Times Up Termite, contact us today!

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