Prevent Termite Infestation – Build or Renovate with Termite Resistant Materials

Jul 31, 2018

Deciding to build a new home or renovate your existing house requires more than a good architect and builder. No amount of strategic engineering will matter if your new addition becomes infested with termites. Imagine sitting down to watch a family movie and hear the faint crunching noise of these burrowing pests in your walls. It gives a new meaning to “surround sound”! Overcoming the damage caused can cost thousands of dollars and weeks of headaches.

The good news is that a little prevention at the beginning of the building or renovating process can protect your home from potential damage down the line. Talk to your contractor about ways to thwart these home-wrecking pests. Your builder can utilize the benefits of a termite treatment in Berkeley before laying the foundation of your Oakland, Castro Valley, or Berkeley building structure. Another line of defense is to use termite-resistant construction materials.

termite resistant wood

Use Termite Resistant Building Materials for Pest Control  

Picking out new flooring is one of the fun parts of any new construction project. Another is choosing the best types of materials with which to construct your new home or room addition. Not only do you want your structure to be aesthetically pleasing, but you can use it as a form of pest control for termites. In addition to a regular pest control program, consider the benefits of using these common mediums:

  • Treated Lumber: Yes, termites eat wood; however, treated lumber has gone through a pressure treatment that infuses a preservative into the fibers. The result is a barrier that repels bugs from destroying it. This option is excellent for foundations and framing especially.
  • Bug Resistant Woods: Some trees in Mother Nature have a fantastic way of protecting themselves. Redwoods and cedars have oils in them that protect them from the gnawing mandibles of the wood boring pests. Also, super hardwoods like Ipe (pronounced ee-pay and also called Brazilian Walnut) are so hard to chew that bugs will move on to easier
  • Cement Block and Stone: Using cement block, brick and hard mortar, or stone can protect your home from invasion. It is too hard for the pests to eat through, but remember that they can get into tiny cracks in cement, stucco, and even limestone mortar. Leaving a few inches of your foundation exposed aids in  termite inspection in Hayward and termite treatment in Berkeley.
  • Siding: Many of us love the natural look of wood siding, so do termites! Luckily, construction technology provides siding options like composite that not only gives the look of wood but lasts longer. You might decide to use vinyl instead. No matter what choice you make, be sure the wood frame underneath is adequately

Enjoy Your Pest-Free Home for Years to Come – Hire a Trusted Termite Control Company

Take the necessary measures now to prevent frustration later when you choose building materials resistant to termites. Once built, maintain the upper-hand. Hire a termite control company that works for you to keep your investment looking gorgeous and lasting for years to come. For over 25 years, the certified professionals at Times Up Termite, Inc. have helped homeowners and contractors across Oakland, Castro Valley, Berkeley, Fremont, and the surrounding areas, get rid of unwanted and damaging pests.

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