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Jun 30, 2014

Termite infestation is a usual problem among American homes, especially for those using wood as a primary material. These insects, just like any other animal, compete for food and living space with other creatures and, unfortunately for humans, have found wood to be a source of nourishment that is unique to them. Aside from that, however, few information about the workings and behavior of termites were known, at least until Arizona State University scientists made recent discoveries, published in an edition of the Arizona Daily News:

“For the first time, Arizona State University scientists, along with a large group of international researchers, have sequenced and analyzed the genome of one termite species. This means researchers can now compare the termites’ DNA with that of ants and colony-building bees.

For scientists, this is of particular importance because termites have a similar lifestyle to bees and ants, as they too form colonies and have various castes, such as workers, and others whose job it is to reproduce. Yet interestingly, they are not closely related to Hymenopterans, which includes bees and ants. Hymenopterans are one of the largest orders of insects, which include over 150 thousand winged species.”

These termites remain to be largely mysterious, but with new discoveries like this, it should lead to a better understanding not only on how they evolve, but also how humans affected by their presence can deal with them best. Quality termite treatment service providers, like Times Up Termite, Inc., can benefit from keeping themselves updated on new findings such as this, so that they can further upgrade their equipment as necessary, thereby improving their service.

With new breeds and faster infestations happening, termite presence surely is going to remain a big problem, unless something is done to prevent their spread. The United States Environmental Protection Agency estimates that termites cause billions of dollars in structural damage. Using appropriate termite repair methods for homes and furniture, and preferably conducted by professional services, can help protect against damage from termites.

With reliable professionals readily available, families do not need to worry that termites will be a big problem when they call for help. These termite experts will offer them with a variety of options to deal with the termite problem and make sure these insects will not bother them anymore.

(Source: ASU scientists decipher first termite genome, ADI News Service, May 21, 2014)

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