The Right Way to Deal with Termite Treatment

Oct 24, 2014

termite treatmentIn life, there are right ways and wrong ways to deal with problems. For example, when dealing with a mugger, throwing bacon is a “wrong” way. When looking for a solution to your termite problem, look no further than Times Up Termite. We have the right ways for dealing with termite treatment including free termite inspection, treatment, and even a termite free for life guarantee. Before getting rid of these nasty nuisances, it may be useful to understand what our termite treatment entails. Here is some information on what constitutes a Times Up termite treatment.


Termites in your home are an enemy that have invaded your territory. Due to this, an action plan is necessary to thoroughly eliminate the enemy from all angles. It is necessary to develop a schematic of each infected building or location. Our free termite inspection will assess the pertinent areas of infestation and organize the action plan. This includes obtaining, containing, controlling, and eliminating the termite invaders.


The termite treatment process may vary depending on several variables each location possesses. From the foundation to the roof, every home is different. Our website ensures that “using state-of-the-art methods, we will customize our service using the right technologies and application techniques to suit your specific needs.”


While treatment can often depend on termite trends, each location needs special consideration to ensure all bases are covered. This could include anything from the treatment of different types of termites to their entry point into each infested location. Information like this is crucial when accurately targeting the source of the infestation.

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The last part of any infestation is the assurance of knowing that the damage done is not irreversible. While termites can be a hassle for any afflicted home, some damage is worse than others. For this reason, our website ensures that “we are fully licensed General Contractors; when repair needs are more extensive, we’re there to do the job right the first time.” With this, the customer gains piece of mind and can’t help but tell your termites their time is up.

To talk more about treating your termite issues, or anything else regarding our services or guarantee, please contact us.

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