Is Your Senior Parent’s Home Smelling Strange? It Could be Termites!

Feb 10, 2020

We have all smelled it – that musty, closed-house scent that always seems to emit from a senior’s home. You may have childhood memories of a favorite elderly aunt who smelled of rose water and “old people.” The last time you visited your aging mom or dad, did you notice that familiar smell? It could be more than a stuffy house that needs a good airing out. It could mean that Mom’s beloved home is infested with termites.
Ensure Dad and Mom can remain in their Pleasant on home safely when you take steps to arrange a free termite inspection by Times Up Termite. Our licensed professionals will show up ready to seek out these wood-boring bugs and quickly eradicate them with little interruption to your parents’ day. Give us a call to see how we can assist you or your loved ones.

How to Detect a Termite Infestation with More than Your Eyes

A trained professional is the one most capable of determining if you have a problem with these homewreckers, but there are a few things you can keep in mind:

  1. There is a musty or mildew smell that won’t go away. Take the appropriate precautions to eliminate the causes of mold, like leaky pipes. Then, after cleaning every room in Dad’s house top to bottom, if there is still a stinky smell of mold or mildew, there may be a problem you cannot see. Call in the professionals to determine the extent of the damage.
  2. Check out the walls, floors, and furniture in your senior loved one’s home. There are some obvious signs. For example, wooden floors may be buckling or have excessing popping noises when walked upon. Your mother’s favorite wooden rocking chair may be severely cracked from termites munching on it from the inside out.
  3. Look for mud tubes, frass, and swarmers. There isn’t only the smell you may sense. There are some visual cues such as mud tubes that are used by termites for exploring and bringing food to the colony. Termites will leave their droppings, also called frass, outside their holes. Their feces often looks like pencil shavings or sawdust.

Book a Free Termite Inspection to Get the Stink Out of Dad and Mom’s House

Rid your parent’s home of that musty odor by hiring the professionals at Times Up Termite to conduct a free termite inspection. We will go over their house with a fine-toothed comb, seeking out the invaders and then dealing with them swiftly. We develop a custom-designed plan to exterminate and keep these bugs far away. We are trained in the appropriate use of many different pesticides. One is called Altriset, an eco-friendly, reduced-risk pesticide that is the better choice for a home with children, pets, or pregnant moms. Contact us today and let us help you protect your senior parent’s house. Looking for painters? Our experienced House Painters can help you paint your interior and exterior house in less time than you think.

Give us a call at 510-568-7200 to speak with our team of experienced, licensed professionals at Times Up Termite, Inc.You can also contact us online to request a free termite inspection.

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