Show Termites Who’s the Boss!

Jun 03, 2020

No one wants to lose their home to the ravages of an invasion. You install fences, gates, retaining walls, doors, and windows, to secure your home. Unfortunately, none of those deter termites; they pose the biggest ongoing threat to the integrity of your structure. They sneak into the tiniest cracks and proceed to eat 24/7 on all cellulose-laden materials, and in particular, the wood holding your house together. Yes, these minuscule pests cause billions of dollars in damage each year.

Beat them at their own game by making your buildings less enticing to their insatiable appetite. The experts at Times Up Termite stand ready to back you up with a termite inspection of your San Mateo area home. We have the experience you can depend on to get rid of these critters and keep them away.

Suggestions to Help Keep Termites Away from Your Home

It doesn’t take much to thwart their reprehensible plans. Here is where you can start:

    • Take seasonal walks to inspect your foundation: These pests never rest from trying to eat your house. Take a proactive approach and regularly check your foundation for signs of damage. (Don’t forget to check around your HVAC unit, too.) In particular, look for mud tubes used by termites to find cracks in your concrete they can breach to get to the wood within your home.
    • Use a flashlight to check out the beams in your crawlspace or basement. Once in your abode, these wood-borers will wreak havoc on your joints and other wood. Again, look for mud tubes or damaged beams, especially around the edges or corners.
    • Maintain adequate ventilation. Termites love moisture. Stop their efforts by using the proper ventilation in your attic and crawlspace. Additionally, using sealing and moisture barriers can combat the humidity that builds up behind your walls.
    • Get the wood away from your home. Any wood you have for burning or building should be kept far from your home, at least 20 feet, if possible. Remove mulch from your landscape, remove tree stumps, and keep trees and shrubs trimmed away from structures. The goal is to keep their food source away from your home.
    • Try to repel them away from your buildings with termite bait stations. This can help if you find the pests in your yard, but they don’t appear to have found their way into your house. Use these stations to draw the wood-eating bugs away from your home.
    • Hire a trusted company to conduct regular termite inspections. There is much you can do to keep your home free from invasion. However, you may not catch everything, and before you know it, you have a full-fledged infestation. Working with a pest control company, in addition to the other suggestions noted, gives you the peace of mind that your home will be safe from irreparable damage.

Partner with the Experts at Times Up Termite and Keep Your Home Pest-Free

Take charge of your family’s home with the help of a company that cares. For more than 30 years, Times Up Termite has combated wood-eating pests and won. We use a variety of tactics, including an eco-friendly, reduced-risk pesticide called Altriset. Ask us about it if you have children, pets, or a pregnant mom in your home. Contact us for your free termite inspection today.

Call 510-568-7200 to speak with our team of experienced, licensed professionals at Times Up Termite, Inc. You can also contact us online to request a free termite inspection.

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