Spring Cleaning Tips to Thwart Termites and Other Pests

Mar 13, 2023

Spring cleaning is an excellent time to declutter and freshen up your home and property. You are probably used to dusting, sweeping, decluttering, and repairing that happens during a deep clean. In addition, you can take this opportunity to look out for and get rid of unwanted pests. What better time to send spiders, beetles, ants, and termites packing? This year while you are sprucing things up, why not contact a reliable San Mateo pest control company to come in and conduct a termite inspection? They can be in and out in no time, leaving you to finish your spring cleaning on schedule.

6 Tips to Keep Termites and Pests Away

A deep cleaning may seem overwhelming. It helps to make a list and take things one step at a time. Here are some tips to help you get started toward maintaining a pest-free home:

1. Understand some of the common household pests. Conduct a quick Internet search to see what carpenter ants, Indian meal moths, beetles, silverfish, and termites look like. Additionally, you will want a basic understanding of what they look for in a comfortable home like yours.

2. Thoroughly inspect your pantry. Now is a great time to pull out and get rid of any stale foods. If it is past its expiration date or has signs of pest damage, throw it out. Be sure to sweep out crumbs and place dry foods in airtight containers.

3. Check for water leaks. Termites, in particular, love damp, dark areas where they can chew on wood. While you are cleaning under your sinks, look for leaks. It is helpful to fix broken faucets, too.

4. Ditch the clutter. Yes, clutter causes a lot of irritation. You might feel overwhelmed by it, but pests love it. They can hide in it, causing chaos you may not discover for years. It’s time to tidy up and get right of any foothold insects have.

5. Get rid of cardboard boxes. Termites and other critters love cardboard boxes. Decluttering to put items in a box works better when you use plastic totes. Better yet, donate as much as you can to reduce the need for too many totes.

6. Conduct regular inspections, including hiring a professional. Throughout the year, monitor your pantry, cabinet, basement, and other areas pests like to invade. Having a professional come in and conduct a complete termite inspection is a worthwhile investment that can save your home from sneaky, expensive damage.

Enjoy a Pest-Free Home this Spring with Termite Inspections in San Mateo

No one wants to find bugs and termites in their home. At Times Up Termite, we ensure you don’t have to face the discouraging discovery that you have wood-chewing insects gnawing on your home. Look to our technicians to conduct thorough termite inspections. They are trained to spot evidence of termites and offer you treatment options for eliminating them. We suggest the eco-friendly, reduced-risk pesticide, Altriset for homes with children, pets, or pregnant moms. We also recommend using Trelona bait traps by BASF. Contact us today for more information.

Call 510-568-7200 to speak with our team of experienced, licensed professionals at Times Up Termite, Inc. You can also contact us online to request a free termite inspection in San Mateo.

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