Spring is a Time for Love… and Termite Control in Oakland. Learn More

May 09, 2018

Ah! Spring is here. Warmer weather brings new beginnings for many things. Flower blossoms open. Tree branches bud. Love is in the air. Calves are born. Eggs hatch revealing new chicks. Termites swarm. Wait! Termites swarm? Yes. The warmer weather brings these pesky wood eaters out of hiding, ready to reproduce aggressively.

Many homeowners do not realize that these wood boring bugs may have taken up residence on their premises years before. Understanding the life cycle of termites is a crucial step to combating these homewreckers. A licensed professional from Times Up Termite, Inc. can inspect your home, determine the severity of the damage, and customize a termite treatment service for your Oakland, Castro Valley, or Berkeley home to minimize the damage these invasive pests can cause.

Termites Swarm in Spring. Here’s What You Need to Know About their Life Cycle to Deal with them

Every being on the surface of the planet needs to reproduce to perpetuate their species. Termites use the winged swarmers in their fleet, also called reproductives, to accomplish this feat. Here are the basics of their life cycle:

  1. Swarmers, Workers and Soldiers: Not all termites are capable of reproducing. There are mainly three types of members in the colony:
    • Workers – Their primary function is to work on the nest, make needed repairs and find food.
    • Soldiers – They are the protectors of the colony and nest.
    • Swarmers – The only members that have wings, the young adult males and females leave the colony in the springtime to
  2. Spring is the time to leave the nest: After the last freeze of the year, the swarmers emerge from the nest and fly in larger groups (e., “swarm” together).
  3. Scent of a female: The females secrete a mating pheromone to attract a male.
  4. Commitments made: Once the male finds a compatible female, the wings come off, telling the world they are a couple.
  5. A colony of their own in your home: The happy couple set out to find their very own castle, and it can be your home.
  6. Here come the heirs: Not every species will have reproductives immediately from the spawn of the new king and queen. However, they do hatch, and the process starts over.

End Damage Before It Begins – Hire a Trusted Pest Control Company for Termite Inspection

Don’t assume that termites are only active in the spring because you see them taking flight then. They are happily destroying your home and belongings throughout the year, invisible to your eyes, hiding underground or in nooks and corners you never dreamt of. It can take months or years for you to notice the wings of swarmers around your house. By that time, the damage could be extensive. A termite inspection in the spring season is the first step to saving your dwelling.

For more than 20 years, the certified professionals at Times Up Termite, Inc. have helped homeowners across Oakland, Castro Valley, Berkeley, Fremont, and the surrounding areas, get rid of unwanted and damaging pests to protect their family and home.

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