Swarming Termites Require Swift Action and Appropriate Treatment

Apr 14, 2016

Termite Treatment San Leandro California

swarmng termites san leandro caTis the season for termite swarming, and hopefully, when these destructive little critters decide to swarm, they will do so outside your home, not inside. If you happen to be plagued by a swarm of termites inside your home, don’t panic… yet.

Fortunately, it is common for many types of termites that DO appear inside a home, to be coming into the home from an outdoor location.

For example, many homes that are built upon a single concrete slab may have originally contained a wooden “blockout” surrounding the bathtub plumbing. Over time, these wooden blackout boxes may rot or suffer decay, leaving a perfect space of termites living underneath your home to gain access into your home through your bathtub drain. When the urge to swarm hits them, up they go into your house, where mass hysteria is likely to break loose.

While you should not necessarily panic if a swarm occurs inside your residence, you should take swift action. Swarming termites are drawn to light, and if their way of escape is impeded, they will quickly make new escape holes. Since blocking their way of escape can cause them to do more harm to your home, trapping them in a clear plastic bag, while you put in a swift call to Times Up Termite, may prove to be a more appropriate short-term strategy. Some species of termites are known to bore through plastic, so let us quickly point out, this is a very temporary solution. A bag of several thousand swarming termites should be quickly discarded. While they do not eat plastics, they have been known to chew through soft plastic materials in a search for a fresh supply of cellulose.

Whether you suspect termites are living in the wooden structure of your home, or simply suspect they have made themselves at home in the ground beneath your house, a swift termite treatment plan can help reduce a colony’s ability to do damage, and prevent future damage from occurring.

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