Reasons People Don’t Get Termite Inspections

We all give reasons for not finishing something. For example, you may start on an exercise routine that requires you to get up early, but you stop because you think you need more sleep. You put off getting the oil changed in your car because …

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4 Common Questions People Ask About Termites

Not too many people are interested in bugs. They understand that flies, spiders, ants, and roaches will enter their homes. When they get past that idea with a few swats of the fly swatter, they give no more thought to the creepy crawlies. One bug …

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Celebrate Back to School with Yard Clean Up

Spring cleaning is a hallmark of the changing seasons from winter to spring. Many homeowners put on their work clothes, roll up their sleeves, and get busy cleaning, decluttering, and airing out their houses. August and September mark the unofficial transition of the seasons from …

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Winter is a Good Time for a Termite Inspection

As winter creeps up and settles in, many homeowners put away their gardening tools and lawnmowers and leave the outdoor stuff until the temperatures heat up. There is a sense of putting things to bed for that long “winter nap”. Many animals, like bears, have …

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