Termite Inspection Experts Need to Step Up Their Game

Apr 04, 2016

Termite InpectionsCalifornia may be more than 3,600 kilometers from the State of Florida, as the snowbird flies. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have something in common with the Sunshine State. It’s a common foe, termites. And if scientists are correct, both states could see an upsurge in the need for termite inspections, sooner than later. Maybe you were busy and missed both Entomology Today and the Florida Entomologist’s teasers of trouble to come. So we’ll quickly break it down for you:

At least three species of destructive termites presently call California home. Scientists say that the Sunshine State has roughly a half-dozen and some of them are intermingling. Of course all of that canoodling is producing hybrid termites. And history has taught us that those hybrids may potentially cross state lines through their own volition, commerce, trade and travel. So it may not be long before California has some new, unwelcome residents too.

Given that disturbing news, Californians should seriously think about scheduling termite inspections once a year. Scheduling termite inspections annually with help ensure that colonies, hybrid or otherwise, are identified early on. Then removal and home maintenance may follow before irreparable damage is done. And if selected wisely, Californians may enjoy a repeat inspection, year after year, for life.

At Times Up Termite, saying we are concerned about changes in the nation’s insect population is an understatement. Accordingly, we vow to keep on top of more than just this disturbing trend. We’ll stay abreast of improvements in extermination and termite prevention services too. Why?

We suspect that as America’s termite population changes, it may be necessary to alter those tactics too. The same may be said for termite inspections. At this point, no termite inspector can say for sure which behaviors and survival skills these new species will have at their disposal. To learn more about what California’s termite inspectors are doing to prepare for this potential outcome, please contact us today.

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