Why a Termite Inspection is a Must Before Buying a Home

Oct 23, 2015

Termite Inspection

termite inspectionNo homeowner wants to hear that their house is infested with termites, especially their newly purchased house. Unfortunately, a serious termite invasion can corrupt a home’s integrity, and cost a homeowner thousands of dollars in repairs. While home inspections are an absolute must before buying a house, many potential buyers don’t realize the importance of obtaining a termite inspection before finalizing a home purchase. If you choose to skip this critical step, not only are you risking a financial burden, but you’re also setting yourself up for unnecessary stress and frustration. Listed below are 3 reasons why a comprehensive termite inspection is a necessary step before purchasing a property.

  1. The presence of a termite invasion often goes undetected for years. Unfortunately, termites eat wood from the inside out, which means evidence of their existence in a home is not easily determined. A homeowner may not realize their house is infected with termites when they put it up for sale, which makes investing in a professional inspection essential for a potential home buyer.
  2. Unlike a general home inspector, a professional termite inspector has the proper training to spot a previous or ongoing infestation. If termites are present an inspector can tell whether the invasion is in its infancy or if the pests have already caused years of destruction. Some inspectors will also call attention to areas where a future infestation may occur.
  3. Once the inspection is finished, you will receive a detailed report outlining the homes termite status. If termites are found or past damage is still present, you can either walk away from the home or use the information as a bargaining tool.

Although, stress is inevitable when purchasing a new home, a surprise termite infestation does not need to be one of the causing factors. If you are in the final stages of buying a house, please contact us today to schedule a termite inspection.



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